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Windsor Woman

13:28 PM, 28th August 2018
About 2 years ago

Serving S21 when you have not given tenants right paperwork upfront

What a shame the police couldn't have used their time more constructively, for example to help a landlord whose property had been trashed by the tenant. But that's not regarded as criminal damage - a crime - is it?... Read More

Windsor Woman

22:16 PM, 10th June 2018
About 2 years ago

Court action for repossession following probate?

Thank you all for your contributions. The point about s.36 Administration of Justice Act 1970 is particularly reassuring. I am aware of the need to transfer the property and have a solicitor lined up to do that.
I have spoken to the Mortgage Co about the lack of communication before issuing proceedings. I was told they would review the notes and let me know whether they will stay or stop the repossession hearing. I’ve held back on a making a formal complaint at this stage – although I may yet submit one. My original objective was to avoid getting adversarial whilst they were consulting internally about the repo proceedings. However, having looked into the paperwork more closely I believe there are anomalies in their claim, and I’m in two minds whether to write to the Mortgage Co and challenge them now, or await their decision - if proceedings are not abandoned, the Court will be definitely be hearing about them too.
If the matter did end up going to Court I don’t think the Mortgage Co would look good; tempting as it may be to go in front of the judge and show them up, there would be a lot of work and stress involved, and they have deeper pockets than I do; worse still if I had to pick up their costs. As it is, they are charging me a considerable sum, which I aim to fight.
Observations welcome, thank you.... Read More

Windsor Woman

18:27 PM, 7th June 2018
About 2 years ago

Is it worth the hassle of trying to get tenant to pay?

Whilst I can understand your frustration, the danger of trying to enforce repayment is that the tenants may be reluctant to report any problems in the future because of the likelihood of having to pay – the unintended consequence of which is that failure to report a problem - especially where water/gas/electricity are concerned – could lead to a worse and more expensive repair being required.
Another reason is that tenants, especially younger ones, lack experience and practical skills to sort out many problems. Many tenants also have a tenant mindset, which is that “it’s the landlord’s responsibility”.
I always encourage my tenants to report problems quickly. Some costs you may just have to absorb, some I seek reimbursement from the deposit at the end of the tenancy if appropriate.... Read More