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Peter Hunter

19:43 PM, 26th February 2015, About 7 years ago

Furniture left in house by tenant and now asking for it back !

Charge your old tenants rent while 'their' property is still in your property.
Ask them to remove their furniture forthwith.... Read More

Peter Hunter

21:10 PM, 2nd February 2015, About 7 years ago

Defending A Tenancy Deposit Counterclaim

If your tenant collected a deposit from the sub - tenants did he as their landlord
protect their deposits ?.
It may be possible that the sub tenants have left some details in drawers etc, you
could advise your tenant and his solicitor that you can contact the sub - tenants to help the them persue your tenant / their landlord for the return of their deposits and
3 times the value of those deposits.
Suggest that he drops his action and you will not advise his tenants of their rights .
Good luck

Pete Hunter.... Read More

Peter Hunter

17:51 PM, 12th December 2013, About 8 years ago

Transfer of equity on a Buy to Let - Advice Required

Why go to the trouble and expense of transferring ownership to reduce your income tax

Appoint your wife as your property manager, she is able to charge what ever is required to absorb any surplus rental income and reduce your liability.... Read More

Peter Hunter

18:51 PM, 24th July 2012, About 9 years ago

My tenants have flooded my property but who's problem is it?

Ask your tenants to pay an extra £ 5.00 or £ 10.00 per month to reduce their arrears. It will take a very long time for you to collect and you will need to account to your tenants every quarter or so, but at least they are paying the arrears off eventually. After a year or so you can praise them for their honesty and good intent and let them off with the balance / write it off. You have saved face in that they have paid something, and your tenants know that damages are chargeable and must be paid for. and will be carefull next time.... Read More