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Phil lloyd

12:03 PM, 15th January 2021, About 8 months ago

EPC failed - Can’t let it, can’t sell it, can’t pay for the work?

Hello Brandy,
Your first port of call should be and look to see if your property qualifies for a PRS exemption.
I am an energy assessor and you do not have to use a company to install the insulation though you may be better advised to use one as the work needs to be done to the correct standards to ensure it is effective and that you do not introduce further problems to the property now or in the future such as cold spots etc. The assessor however must be satisfied that there is evidence of the insulation being present on the walls when they assess and the assessment must be non invasive so drilling holes or the like by the assessor is not permitted. This can be done by attending and seeing the works in progress for themselves prior to it being finished and decorated, by leaving a point of access, providing date stamped photographs showing the insulation in place and ideally with a tape measurement or manufacturers specification being provided. There are other ways the assessor can be satisfied that the insulation is present also.
There is no reason for you not being able to sell as long as it is to a private residential purchaser or to an investor who does not require a mortgage and is prepared to bring the property up to an 'E' rating prior to renting it assuming the property is in England or Wales. Scotland and N Ireland may have different requirements.
I hope this has helped you a little even if it is not a comprehensive answer.... Read More

Phil lloyd

19:13 PM, 23rd October 2020, About 11 months ago

EPCs - New ones issued via email link only?

I am a DEA and can confirm that Windows OS PCs (certainly those using Windows 7 or better) have the option to print to .pdf if the print option is used. The new EPC format on screen has a line for print EPC included. You just need to change from the default print option (using the drop down menu in print) which is usually your connected printer. Works fine and I provide .pdf versions for my customers when sending them via email. The change for many DEAs is that the new register has removed the DEA accreditation body from providing the old type of link to print the EPC which many DEAs used to utilise for providing copies to their customers. We are seeking improvements also via our accreditation bodies.... Read More