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18:09 PM, 3rd May 2018
About 2 years ago

Section 24 Tax Reforms

One could see something like this coming from 2008.

Rates were so,low returns in the bank so poor that many invested in the downturn, when property could be sourced for 70% less than my area currently costs.

The huge shift of money never went unnoticed but for a time the landlord was loved by estate agents, tenants and the government because without them, the market was depressed and would have stayed so.

QI ‘helped’ to raise prices as much free money got poured into the market by anyone capable of signing their names, and the market just about turned over.

Losing council stock but gaining private stock was a godsend - whilst it suited the gvt.

Our gvt is usually very predictable, they watch where the money goes, turn a blind eye when it suits and when the prices get driven up so high they offer their long awaited ‘solutions’, namely ripping off the investor.

Our country is bankrupt has been for a great many years they need to squeeze the pips out of any situation, has always been thus.

As a landlord myself, albeit very very small I don’t have a lot of sympathy for the much larger investor and I’m anticipating two things.

1) investors feeding off other investors very very soon, desperate to sell up in what will be a supply led downturn and

2) for the ltd entities that many have been advised to enter into to be attacked in some form or another, the gvt generally waits a while so this could be within 5-6 but I’m expecting something to change.

Unfortunately our ilk has been duped like a rat trying to escape the titanic, I only hope the small investors like me were similarly well positioned and prepared and it’s the small investor who isn’t likely to set up a ltd company and will be the first to fry when this heats up.

There is an essential place for us landlord in today’s market particularly after all the sell offs but free money, greed, over leveraging etc will eventually flesh out as the incumbent gvt at the time looks to buy the votes of the millenials and I don’t see these ‘escape vehicles’ being long term, as the gvt seeks to screw the lot of us.... Read More