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David Harris

15:42 PM, 10th June 2020
About 4 months ago

Tenant withholding rent due to boiler problems

Hi Linda, I cannot believe your story is very similar to my experience I recently had. My tenant contacted me to say her heating was not working but she had hot water. As soon as I received the message first thing Monday morning I contacted my plumber who had only installed the boiler a couple of years previous. He said to contact Baxi as any work he might do could invalidate the warranty. I then went over to the property within half an hour of her call to see if there was a simple fix. I also took her a oil filled electric radiator to use. Unfortunately there was not and I then spent ages on the phone in front of her to try and contact Baxi. I then left saying I would continue to try and get Baxi to get an engineer out ASAP. I then spent the rest of Monday morning on the phone and by midday had managed to get Baxi to contact her and arrange for an engineer to visit. The engineer duly arrived and repaired the boiler first thing on the Wednesday morning of the same week. Imagine my surprise when she then presented me with a bill for extra use of electricity in running the portable electric heater and two more she said she had purchased. The bill for £33.42 pence covered use of the heaters running continuously until the boiler was repaired. She also complained that I had not got it sorted quickly enough as she was 'top priority' having two young children and works from home. I then contacted my Landlords association and housing standards of my local council who confirmed I had acted as quickly and professionally as I could have done. However with her constant moaning and threatening behavior I relented and knocked 'her bill' of the following months rent. She had informed me a couple of months previous that she was going to hand her notice in shortly which she did and good riddence! The law does state you have to respond in a reasonable time but there is nothing to say how long this is. If the boiler is faulty I would suggest you replace it as it saves a lot of hassle.... Read More

David Harris

16:24 PM, 11th April 2020
About 6 months ago

Misleading the public as to what they are using their money for?

Has anyone actually seen a set of their accounts?... Read More

David Harris

16:28 PM, 15th November 2019
About 11 months ago

Possession timescales at 22.6 week average

Hi, unfortunately I had to issue a section 21 on the 24th July and Norwich County Court gave me possession on the 4th November! As I have maintained a good relationship with my tenants even though they had constantly been in arrears for 18 months, they have moved out without me having to get bailiffs involved. I have been very impressed with the service I received from my local courts.... Read More

David Harris

17:26 PM, 2nd October 2019
About A year ago

Otherwise I am out of pocket?

Any expenses you are out of pocket on can being subsequently claimed by making a money claim online. This will leave them with a CCJ against their name. However as I once experienced, if your tenants decide to declare themselves bankrupt, then you will not end up with anything, regardless of what claims you make.... Read More