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10:28 AM, 21st February 2020
About A year ago

Tenant handed in notice but wants rent refund?

Can't believe you're stressing about a weeks rent . . . Just refund it and move on in life. Clear mind rules.... Read More


13:45 PM, 9th April 2018
About 3 years ago

Mortgage Express assets sold in £11.8 billion Bradford & Bingley deal

Reply to the comment left by Caroline Humphrey at 01/04/2017 - 08:47
Same here. Interesting to read your comments.

I had a relationship manager who kept reassuring me that she had my best interests at heart and was there to help me. I had a meeting with her where she snooped into my business, then she wrote a 3 step action plan that would benefit me. None of the 3 steps were a surprise and I didn't learn anything from her. What I found out in the coming months is that she was looking to gain control of my rental properties by any means possible - mainly by trying to outline that I was not managing my portfolio effectively. This was all done in an unprofessional underhand manner by means of bullying telephone calls whenever she saw a gap in my defenses against her.

I had a house that had some equity in and I decided to renovate it to sell it so that I could pay off the high interest loans used to finance other property renovations. (These loans were taken out pre-crash and as such I couldn't remortgage to pay them off post-crash so I was stuck with a load of debt on top of the MX mortgages.). I asked for a redemption figure which triggered the Relationship Manager to advise me that I would be in breach of contract if I stayed in the house whilst it was renovated, and that she could take all the equity from the sale to pay down other mortgages with MX. She was advised that it was in the interest of my financial health to pay off high interest loans, to increase cashflow and therefore I would be in a better position to start paying down MX mortgages in the future. This did not interest her one bit - as she wanted the equity so I finished the renovation and rented the house out again. I was forced into this lose-lose situation my 'Relationship Manager' who had my 'best interests at heart'.

The other fun thing they used to do was award negative points on my credit file when other lenders did not for the same situation. My mortgages are due on the 28th of the month, and if there was a missed payment if someone was late with their rent then the mortgage payment was always paid when the DD was tried again 7-10 days later. Even though, I never failed to pay the second time, MX happily gave me a late payment notification on my credit file each time. Other Lenders did not do this despite the situation being exactly the same. MX's excuse was that the payment was made the following month and not in the month that it was requested. My credit file has been negatively affected by their enthusiastic points-giving and as such it difficult to raise finance now.

All communications with the Relationship Manager were from her mobile phone - nothing was in writing so nothing could be proven about what was being spoken about - so I blocked her. She could no longer rattle on in my ear hole whenever she thought there was scope for attack.

Let's hope this new crowd are more ethical.... Read More