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7:49 AM, 20th October 2020
About A week ago

University putting landlords in danger of prosecution for unlicensed HMOs

I let my entire portfolio to Surrey University in Guildford for several years. The relationship ended about three years ago. But at that time, they assured us that they were not legally required to have a license .

However, in Warwick’s case where they returned the properties, I am certain that the owners will need a license PDQ. I would recommend they get on with it immediately.... Read More


8:49 AM, 22nd September 2020
About a month ago


Could somebody enlighten me please? What is a Judicial Review and if successful, would it force the government to alter things?

If so, then I would I would make a contribution.... Read More


11:27 AM, 14th August 2020
About 3 months ago

Green Homes Grant disappointment?

John is absolutely right. You need to put in cavity wall installation, Loft Insulation, a heat pump or underfloor installation first. You then get a grant of up to 2/3 of the cost towards that.

After that, you can then use up the residual grant on double glazing, up to a maximum of £5000 in total. I for one have decided not to bother.... Read More


9:38 AM, 9th July 2020
About 4 months ago

Covid-19 Mini Budget: What this means for property investors

In your video you said there will be no help for people buying properties in London, for example at £700,000. Surely by raising the threshold for stamp duty to £500,000 doesn’t that mean that the first 500,000 is exempt and then you simply pay stamp duty on the balance exceeding that amount? Regards, Peter Butler... Read More


13:16 PM, 24th February 2020
About 8 months ago

Worried about mitigating S24

Hi Mark, thanks for your reply.
I’m afraid I don’t understand what you mean by ‘Directors Liam account time facilitate tax-free withdrawals’.

Perhaps you can expand?

Kind regards, Peter... Read More