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Thursday 22nd March 2018

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John Spring

10:15 AM, 9th May 2019
About A year ago

Back out from successful bid on auction property?

Can’t put a property back in an auction within six months !!!!!!!!!! You could put it straight back in the auction no problem whatsoever... Read More

John Spring

21:12 PM, 13th April 2018
About 3 years ago

Consultation Testimonials

The best £400 I have ever spent in my life !!!!

I recently arranged to have a tax consultation with Mark. I of course needed to supply him with details of my portfolio, which meant completing a spread sheet for the first time in my life. He said it would be straightforward and to my surprise it was. I have just received his report. I’m gobsmacked, utterly amazed because the report is beyond my wildest dreams, fully comprehensive and the amount of detail is unbelievable.
His knowledge of current tax legislation and suggested methods ( all legal ) of ways to keep my hard earned money rather than give it to the government is, I feel, unlikely to be obtained anywhere else.

In addition to this he then rings me at an agreed time ( he was in fact two minutes late in ringing ), we have a 30 minute chat, me listening most of the time totally amazed at his knowledge. He then sends me comprehensive information regarding IHT planning based on my personal situation. He then also refers me to a barrister at no extra cost! ALL OF THIS FOR £400 it must be worth £1000’s!!!

I believe any landlord with a property portfolio ( small, medium or large ) would benefit enormously from booking a tax consultation with Mark

Thank you Mark... Read More