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Majestic Lettings Peterborough

20:47 PM, 16th February 2020, About 2 years ago

How to issue section 21 if landlord not up to date with regulations?

We've helped landlord's in a similar situation (there's more than a few!).
If the tenants and landlord had a good relationship, we've offered the tenants their deposit back plus £100 if they signed a Deed of Surrender and vacated within 2 months. I've found that 99% are happy to do this.
If there is no relationship, we've posted the EPC, Gas Cert and How to Rent Guide - keep the proof of postage receipt! Then we returned their deposit and served S21 notice. Some tenants vacated within the 2 months notice, other's have needed us to apply to the court for Possession. We were granted possession in both cases.... Read More

Majestic Lettings Peterborough

8:56 AM, 28th February 2019, About 3 years ago

Possession after tenant surrendered - Court Action still advisable?

Whenever a tenant wishes to "give up" a tenancy agreement without a Possession Order from the Court, we insist they sign a Deed of Surrender as proof they have done so. Without this, they could just turn up again claiming the right to live there and the local Council will insist you move them back in.... Read More