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Sam Jackson

18:15 PM, 14th August 2018, About 3 years ago

Success Stories of Selective Licensing Being Aborted

We successfully got a Selective Lucence Scheme revoked by north Somerset Council , having threatened to take them to judicial review two years ago. They had already passed the selective licensing scheme and it was due to start in September. We got 100 landlords together and we raised money to challenge them and they backed down and revoked the scheme. I actually went and met with Telford and Wrekin Council whilst they were fighting their challenge to advise them how we did it. It’s all about landlords getting together and as you say that is very difficult as there is a lot of complacency in the industry. We now run an accreditation scheme with the local council support .... Read More

Sam Jackson

20:25 PM, 15th February 2018, About 4 years ago

Consultation feedback halts Selective Licensing!

I met with the Landlords of Telford and Wrekin whilst the consultation was active, and then with the council. It was very clear the council recognised they need private landlords now more than ever, they could see they were at risk of losing their private rented stock. The council are also more forward thinking than many others, recognising that they have been given additional income stream through civil penalties; In addition to this, when the new HMO classification finally comes in, they will be very busy dealing with those new licences. It is very clear Selective LIcencing is generally introduced in areas where landlord apathy means there is no real opposition to the scheme. Many landlords feel alone and feel they can't conquer the council alone, so they just accept whatever is thrown at them. My biggest message to Telford and Wrekin Landlords when I stood in front of over 100 of them was, you MUST all stand together, not just go to one meeting and then do nothing. Selective Licencing is only one of many ridiculously ineffective schemes the Government has 'developed' let's not even get started on Section 24. There are indeed many more effective ways for the council to use their existing powers to deal with 'rogue landlords'. At the National Landlords Code of Excellence, we have been working with our local council to train and educate landlords and it is working. North Somerset's relationship with local landlords has improved, housing stock from the PRS has increased and landords are loving the training and networking. I met with Telford and Wrekin Council again only 2 weeks ago, lets see what happens there! Read More