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18:13 PM, 20th February 2018, About 3 years ago

Fraudulent tenant application?

Make sure the council tax department are aware of the tenancy to save you issues further down the line.... Read More


12:14 PM, 18th February 2018, About 3 years ago

Guarantor but left with Council Tax!

The key case in respect of whether a tenant remains liable after vacation for council tax purposes is that of Leeds CC v Broadley (google leeds cc v broadley court of appeal hearing for the details), this simply clarified the existing law on the matter.

If the tenancy term was for 6 months or more the tenant falls liable for the council tax under s6 of the LGFA 1992 until either the end of the term is reached (at which case the council tax situation needs looked at again), the property is re-occupied or the tenancy is ended.... Read More


16:35 PM, 13th February 2018, About 3 years ago

Sold property but still being chased for council tax!

Unpaid CTax can be claimed from the estate without a liability order where there is a charge outstanding (as per Reg58 of the council tax (administration and enforcement) regs 1992) however if the estate was settled and you began the owner of the property then it would be in your name.

It's very common to see properties not being changed over for council tax purposes on sale - the council won't know it's been changed if they've not been told by one of the parties involved (unless they go out of their way to check the land registry, the council don't get land registry notifications automatically) and the council will proceed with what information they have unless they know otherwise. Now you've told them then they should be able to check and resolve the issue relatively easily.

A very quick check I used to use when I worked for a local authority was to check Zoopla or similar - obviously it doesn't give a purchasers name but it confirms quickly that a property was sold, in most cases, and then further investigations can be made from then onwards to try and correct the errors.... Read More