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Christopher Marsden

9:25 AM, 18th July 2020
About 3 weeks ago

4 year rule and HMO planning permission

Hi have you advertised the property to see if you will get a lower rent because in 2016 I purchased a house in Bromley and refurbished it to HMO standards in agreement with the council but when I advised it the process became difficult so I advertised it for families and had alot of interest. I managed to rent it for the same target income and luckily I still have the same tenants.
I read there is greater demand in the market and why fight the authorities. Tough on your friends though. But I have to say that I have heard some disappointing stories about landlords that rented to friends.... Read More

Christopher Marsden

9:57 AM, 8th July 2020
About a month ago

Best way of Developing?

Hi and good luck with your project. I spent 25 yrs in construction and in the last 14 yrs of retirement have purchased and refurbished /extended 6 properties in 9 separate projects sometimes influenced by finance and markets.
I would not use an architect in or from Australia. Stay local and consider architectural technicians who tend to be cheaper and more switched on in my opinion. You're not looking to win an award but create a low maintenance low running reg compliant building. Don't leave legacy issues you might want to trade on. The planning issue may need specialist advice and the right legal advice is key here. Spend a lot of time referencing the people you are going to work with and talk to as many of their clients as possible. If in doubt don't employ them listen to your gut. Whatever your cost contingency is and it should be high min 20% plus some more for covid 19. materials are going through the roof £46 for a bag of plaster and 50% of building costs approx are materials. Depending where you are some areas are mad busy. Good builders wanting 18 months to 3 years notice!!! There are opportunities out there but understand the risks.... Read More

Christopher Marsden

15:24 PM, 30th March 2019
About A year ago

MP Iain Duncan Smith criticises George Osborne’s Housing Policies

I think you will find that IDS resigned from his ministerial position because Osborne took either £3 billion or it may have been 5 billion out of the UC budget as part of the austerity measures. Not that that excuses the appalling role out particularly on early payments. But then Osborne is supposed to have said he didn't care about tenants as they didn't vote tory. No one seems to have joined many dots in the media as to Osborne's legacy and with the state of politics today it's not too late for him to return!!!!... Read More

Christopher Marsden

17:28 PM, 21st January 2019
About 2 years ago

Newly converted flat has 1 inch gaps?

Hi I think that shrinkage is highly unlikely as an explanation to why you have a one inch gap under your skirting. There is not enough info to diagnose but any leaseholder or free holder should want to resolve this issue asap. You and or your Freeholder maybe invalidating any building insurance cover
Who was the contract with the builder between ? The answer is the route for rectification and I would suspect its the builder who is at fault . The Freeholder needs to pursue the builder along these lines. Was notification of the defect put in writing by anyone ? There may be a justifiable claim against buildings insurance but only if the freeholder notified their buildings insurance company.
the gap could be caused by deflection of timbers ' settlement of a floor , settlement of foundation , timbers being wet and then loaded so they distorted , unseasoned timber etc etc.
If you dont have a contractual link to the builder then notify the freeholder asap and then confirm it in writing and ideally by email to and refer to all your conversations with the builder list them with dates and summarise what was said. Send it registered. If freeholder does not respond go and see them and get them to see that you will have to go formal ( solicitors ) . What if you had to sell the property ? This needs sorting.... Read More

Christopher Marsden

14:25 PM, 2nd October 2018
About 2 years ago

New Landlord Association seeking pledges

There we have the first priority of this initiative to get a reasonable number of Landlords to pledge before we consider taking it any further.
We can debate how many landlords there are in the UK some articles say 2.5 million in a recent post on 118 Mark Alexander proposed 1.5 million as a potential maximum that could pledge.
The last time I checked 18000 people had signed the petition against landlords stamp duty and section 24 and that costs nothing.
Until we break the apathy or reach the landlords this is going nowhere. Maybe we need a bit more anti landlord taxation and legislation before landlords rise up to protect their profession and reputation.
I hope I am wrong and in case people want to judge I paid 250 into the section 24 judicial review case and whenever I have asked for advice on 118 I made a contribution.
I don't understand the apparent apathy and have not found anyone yet who can explain it.... Read More