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Ant Homin

8:55 AM, 9th February 2018
About 3 years ago

Leasehold purchase and ground rent fear?

It’s a two edged sword.

I would expect the Surveyor / Valuer to consider the cost of the rpi linked inflation when valuing the lease – ie the cost of the higher ground rent will be included in the lease extension. However, these figures are negotiable but you will pay for both your and the freeholders surveyor to negotiate. If the freeholder doesn't play ball (and you have a sound case) you have the option to take it to the land tribunal which I believe each party is responsible for their own costs.... Read More

Ant Homin

10:51 AM, 2nd February 2018
About 3 years ago

Do all lease restrictions become null and void?

But I assume you will still have a “leasehold” and a “freehold” albeit both being owned by yourself but the property will still be registered as both and subject to the legal requirements and obligations of each unless you dissolve the lease and revise or create a new freehold without the lease. Perhaps a technicality but may be an issue with your (or future owner’s) mortgagee if they don’t lend on leaseholds or don’t like leasehold properties with the freeholder also being the leaseholder.

I assume you would need to change or create a new "freehold" to give it the conventional freehold status ie legal fees, stamp duty, land registry fees, changing the mortgage etc etc

I’m not an expert but may be worthwhile getting independent advice from both a solicitor, mortgage advisor and knowledgeable estate agent to advise how it will affect you and any restrictions for future purchasers and potential limitations on the future sale of the property.... Read More

Ant Homin

13:31 PM, 29th January 2018
About 3 years ago

Black mould in one bed ground floor flat

Damp and mould is a problem of modern living which is only going to get worse. Occupational damp is governed by 3 criteria - heat, ventilation, moisture. Higher temperatures for comfort allows greater levels of humidity in the air which condenses on cooler surfaces (walls).

Modern homes with higher levels of insulation built without cold bridges can accommodate higher moisture levels than older homes before condensation (damp) occurs and the inevitable mould. Older properties are upgraded (sealed) to modern standards (draught proofing, double glazing, balanced flue boilers and sealing up vents) but there is no guidance to ensure healthy ventilation is maintained. Apart from the obvious moisture generating activities (showering, clothes drying etc) the average adult exhales around ½ pint of moisture when sleeping ie around 1 pint is exhaled into the average bedroom each night.

The cure is good ventilation, either by leaving windows open or to install mechanical ventilation - as suggested by Rosemary Boscombe. Extractor fans in the kitchen and bathroom help but don’t provide ventilation in the rest of the property.... Read More

Ant Homin

13:16 PM, 25th January 2018
About 3 years ago

Transfer of property between siblings

Reply to the comment left by Sami Houmrani at 16/01/2018 - 19:15
Is it not possible for the property to be given away in stages to reduce the capital gain accruing in any one year.... Read More