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14:09 PM, 2nd April 2019
About 2 weeks ago

Official government guidance for tenant fees ban released

What happens when the tenant, accidentally or otherwise whilst in an AST occupancy, breaks or damages something that requires a repair , replacement or decoration that the tenant would previously be held liable for and that the said tenant would pay the bill?
Are landlords no longer allowed to bill the tenant for costs that they (the tenant) have incurred and the LL has had to rectify, all usually covered in the AST?... Read More

9:21 AM, 12th February 2019
About 2 months ago

CCJs - can you inform friends, families and community associations?

Interesting article, I have a similar problem were the tenant has vacated owing £2.5k in rent and the deposit is unlikely to cover the dilapidations!!
Obtaining a CCJ would appear to be the sensible cause of action but I have no forwarding address as the former tenant would not give the info.
Suggestions gratefully received, I do have an e-mail address for the tenant though.... Read More