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10:29 AM, 6th October 2021, About 2 months ago

Purchase of second home in Family Trust for son?

Reply to the comment left by Mike in Worthing at 28/09/2021 - 12:41
Thanks Mike. Putting the property in our son’s name could lead to problems with his benefits. We don’t have LPA. The Trust people say my wife and I should purchase it in both our names, then put it into the Family Trust. Could the Trust, or the LLP, then rent the house to him? Receiving benefits (he can’t work at present) he wouldn’t have to pay Council Tax, whereas if it’s a Second Property in whatever form it could be liable to FULL Council Tax plus 100% “premium”. It’s a pity we couldn’t buy it in HIS name, then the Land Transfer Tax due is less than £500 instead of about £8,000 when it’s a second property. Talk about confusing!... Read More


10:46 AM, 7th August 2021, About 4 months ago

Buyers lender demanding I instruct a solicitor?

Sued previous solicitors for professional negligence. It took 10 years fighting against insurance company’s multi-national solicitors who used all (well, nearly all) the dirty tricks in the book to avoid paying out, although liability was admitted at the outset. Local judge threw their case out but they carried on wriggling. We won in the end thanks to a BRILLIANT solicitor who ran his own independent practice single handedly in London, over 200 miles away fro me. Another solicitor from the same firm went to jail for fraud. On another occasion, the Land Registry rejected the Transfer Deed on a later purchase because the same (!) solicitors had messed the TR1 form up … and then tried to put the blame on me! I was cross.... Read More


13:35 PM, 18th December 2019, About 2 years ago

Nationwide call to use empty homes

Partly as a result of PPI compensation, Nationwide’s pre-tax PROFIT for the six months to September 2019 PLUNGED to £309,000,000 (three hundred and nine million pounds). In line with this “Building Society’s” principles, instead of appealing for Government (ie taxpayer) funds, they should do the honourable thing and put their money where their mouth is and stump up the cash themselves. Wouldn’t be Shelter advising them, by any chance?

And exactly how is higher council tax on empty properties classed as an “incentive” to redevelop, it’s a PENALTY for goodness sake. In many cases there may be a perfectly valid reason for the property being vacant.

And “Empty Homes Officers”, paid again by the taxpayer, give me a break!... Read More