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Richard Jackson

8:06 AM, 11th October 2020
About 2 weeks ago

Anyone use an App?

Hi Andrew, we have just launched a new app designed for exactly what you’re looking for, at a very reasonable price. In fact Property118 sent an email out about a month ago when we were looking for a few more testers. Would be delighted to show you the product or you can start a free trial! and Read More

Richard Jackson

9:49 AM, 6th February 2019
About 2 years ago

Question on tax when extracting money from a company

I am looking at a similar senario because this year will be our first as a Ltd company. So if just living off the property income and wanting to take out say £85K, then I assume the best way would be to pay the two directors the basic rate income at zero tax (£11850 each), then zero on the first £2000 of dividends each, which would be £27,700 total, then if you took the reamining £57,300 as dividends between you, its only 7.5% tax. So the total tax bill would be £4297.50. Is this correct? What I dont understand is when does the corporation tax get deducted. So if you make £100K profit but pay out £85K as above, is the corporation tax just on the £15K or still on the whole £100K? Cheers... Read More

Richard Jackson

14:35 PM, 6th April 2018
About 3 years ago

Ex tenant trying to sue me for personal injuries!

I had a similar issue with a bed that the tenant broke then tried to claim that he got a bad back from sleeping on it! He contacted a 'no win no fee' solicitor which meant I had to hire a solicitor too. The tenant did report the broken bed and I told the lettings agent to fix it, but they didn't so I am also going back to them too. The advice I got was to just pay them say £500 'to go away' which I refused. If this goes on, more and more tenants will try the same thing, so I will fight it even if it costs me more money. They also left the place in a terrible state and were a problem tenant from the start, always late with the rent and I had to issue notice to get them out.... Read More