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John Stallan

11:10 AM, 29th January 2020, About 2 years ago

Bridging Finance - is this a good deal for me?

Hello Steve, As Neil has already said, the missed payments on a secured loan (mortgage) will be scrutinised by any lender. Any BTL borrowing with adverse credit history is harder to achieve than residential borrowing.

Financing HMOs as a first time landlord (FTL) will not give you much choice in the market (normally Kent Reliance will consider), but if you can get it tenanted for a couple of months prior to the BTL mortgage, then Foundation might also consider (as they won't see you as a FTL).

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John Stallan
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John Stallan

21:40 PM, 21st May 2018, About 4 years ago

Renting to sister and renewing mortgage?

Hello Craig,
As Neil has said, it's a regulated BTL mortgage you'll require. Some lenders allow you to take a product from their residential range yet classify it as BTL and place it as Interest only.

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John Stallan

20:32 PM, 22nd February 2018, About 4 years ago

Moving Mum back into a BTL property?

Hello David,
If you think your mum might move back into the property, then perhaps consider a short term fixed or tracker mortgage just in case you need to take action should that happen. Also take into account any early repayment fees there may be associated with the mortgage should you need to change early.

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John Stallan

12:43 PM, 3rd November 2017, About 4 years ago

Mortgage lenders for 10+ property portfolio other than TMW

Hi Rohan,
Its the impact following the introduction of the PRA rules in late September that is altering things. Lenders changing their criteria on how they wish to underwrite business has caused changes to these limits.

Here at HD Consultants we have access to lenders across the board, some with low limits such as TSB and others who while impose limits on the number of properties with them don't have a limit (or have very high values) to the number of properties you can have in background.

John Stallan
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