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15:39 PM, 21st March 2019, About 3 years ago

Number of empty homes is actually increasing!

Its just a bit of common sense in policy that's needed, instead of looking for a villain in the story and pointing the finger at landlords... don't get me wrong, I have been to look at units that a few landlords are offloading because they are fed up of people withholding rent and been shocked... wow, some I wouldn't keep cattle in and wonder why anyone paid rent in the first place, but that's a very small few... as disgusting as they are to give us all a bad name.
I've never got why they clog up the courts and waste all that time & money going nowhere when thigs could be so much more simple. In my opinion, Rather than introduce crazy restrictions on evictions and taking it through court, why not introduce housing case officers that have some powers of eviction and leeway in making decisions themselves, then everything can be taken case by case and straight away... every party is viewed as they are without there being a predetermined Villain and it would create some jobs in the process! Heaven forbid that there maybe something straight forward, efficient, beneficial and real in this country.... Read More