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hemp kettletick

18:33 PM, 22nd September 2017, About 4 years ago

6.5 sq metre minimum room size for HMOs

Reply to the comment left by Grumpy Doug at 22/10/2016 - 23:35
Hey Grumpy Doug
You should say "these criteria" or "this criterion" NOT "this criteria" as criteria is the plural of criterion. Whoops!... Read More

hemp kettletick

18:05 PM, 22nd September 2017, About 4 years ago

6.5 sq metre minimum room size for HMOs

Although it's intended to increase living standards, in reality it doesn't take account for the number of high quality rooms in old victorian cottages in tree-lined safe vibrant areas, and instead pushes tenants into cheaper more dangerous areas where rooms are larger & cheaper or on the flip-side, favours millionaire landlords with huge rooms & houses.

It makes a lot of bedrooms of responsible landlords in beautiful victorian cottages in prime London, useless.

How can you tell a tenant who has happily had a 2x3m room for the past 15 years & has friends in the area, thinks of his landlord & housemates like family, they have a jazuzzi in the garden, frequent BBQs & get togethers, he got used to the area, local yoga club, rowing club & vibrant resources on the doorstep, that he has to suddenly move out to a cheaper dangerous area further from his work, an hour away where he knows no one, there aren't the same resources on the doorstep & where he ends up lonely & doesn't enjoy life, all because of a law made by people behind a desk who don't know the area or situation, in some distant council? Because this is what these rules are doing in reality to a lot of people.
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hemp kettletick

17:51 PM, 22nd September 2017, About 4 years ago

6.5 sq metre minimum room size for HMOs

Ian Narbeth, 6.5m2 may not seem much but for the majority of home owners in expensive parts of London who own a victorian cottage (such as hampstead, primrose hill, kensington, richmond etc.), it's larger than most victorian cottage bedrooms (e.g. 2x3m is 6m2!).

For tenants who have been happily living in these areas in a 6m2 bedroom (which is 2x3m, which in london is a medium sized room with plenty of space for a bed & storage), many people would prefer it to a larger room in a less safe area; it seems ridiculous & immoral to kick all those happy tenants out & tell the owners they aren't allowed to rent out those rooms, particularly as strict planning & conservation area rules prevent extensions to many of these cottages. These after all, have been bedrooms for over 150 years, but are now relegated to mere storage rooms!

This is particularly unfair to single people or people who cannot have children for personal reasons, and for all intents & purposes rely on their friends/tenants as family.

It should also be noted that most councils in fact restrict the definition of family to only include relatives, although (depending on the personality of the council member you speak to) they might be willing to include unmarried couples in that definition.... Read More