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Peter Tanczos

10:41 AM, 15th November 2019, About 2 years ago

Golden Handcuffs?

Unfortunately, you signed for what's on the contract. This means full fee on the newer contract, but they get nothing (unless there's some kind of breakaway clause) for the 2 older contracts, if that clause isn't in there, it doesn't apply. They can say what they like, if they want to change T&C's they have to renegotiate the contracts. Strictly speaking, contracts are supposed to be renewed once they expire but it's standard practice that the T&C's and the contract extends with no changes to T&Cs past its expiry date if both parties are happy with the arrangement. I was a leaseholder in a block of flats above a parade of shops, all the leases were different, but because my T&Cs were different on mine, the management company had to renew my front door free of charge (unlike some of the other leaseholders) to comply with Fire Regulations. Pay the fee for the newer contract and send copies of the older contracts to them highlighting that as those are the T&Cs you agreed to and signed, those are the T&Cs that apply.... Read More

Peter Tanczos

12:37 PM, 10th October 2017, About 4 years ago

Is Government approach to housing short sighted?

Certainly an issue in London, is the buying "off plan" (i.e. before they've even been built) by overseas investors, with no intention of occupying/renting them out. The Contractor gets his money up front and then skimps on the quality/finishing for extra profit. Additionally, the contractors have been allowed to defer their social housing commitments and then when they've accumulated too many, decides they're changing their business plan to office/retail development and thus avoid those "losses"... Read More

Peter Tanczos

11:56 AM, 10th October 2017, About 4 years ago

Council intention of prosecuting for an unlicensed HMO...but it's not!!!

Hi Penny, first of all, DO NOT attend the PACE interview. Unless your legal advisor says any different (which would be unusual), there is absolutely no reason why you should accept the invitation (and plenty why you shouldn't). I used to conduct PACE interviews for HSE. I would write a "Without prejudice" letter to the council, setting out your side of the story etc. And see whether they wish to pursue this any further.... Read More

Peter Tanczos

13:42 PM, 24th August 2017, About 4 years ago

Lawnmowers - do landlords have to provide them?

So, I provided a lawnmower and other items with a partly furnished property. The tenant has since bought a new lawnmower on the basis that the other one was broken (no notification etc. regarding that point) and it's already been disposed of at the dump (no chance to see if repair was an option). Tenant has now acquired a long list of items that I apparently need to pay for, including painting/decorating expenses, lawnmower etc. What's my position regarding these expenses?... Read More