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Robert Dean

10:17 AM, 14th November 2017, About 4 years ago

Tradesman sends invoice 6 months late - I have no recollection of job?

Do you trust the guy? If so, just pay the bill, its not his fault you can't remember. If you don't then ask for the fully itemised account, so you can check his work.... Read More

Robert Dean

12:41 PM, 16th October 2017, About 4 years ago

Directors of block sell assets to themselves undervalue and evade fair share of annual service charge!

Section 19 of the Landlord & Tenant Act 1985 says that service charges are only payable to the extent they are "reasonable". On the face of things, the situation you have described is entirely unreasonable. The First Tier Tribunal exists to adjudicate on such matters and is designed to be a low-cost dispute resolution service.

I would write to the manco and say that you consider the apportionment of charges, part which constitutes their "zero" contribution, as unreasonable. On that basis you are making an application to the FTT for determination of your liability. If the FTT find in your favour, you could tell the other leaseholders and they can use your judgement to get their contribution changed. Alternatively, a group of you could band together and make a joint application.

I dont think that you will get anywhere withe sale of the communal areas but it sounds like there has not been transparency in this process to say the least! I would avoid committing to spending thousands of pounds with solicitors for no real prospect of a meaningful outcome.

LEASE can give you lots of good free advice over the phone.... Read More

Robert Dean

10:59 AM, 17th August 2017, About 4 years ago

Buying freehold for our 2 bed semi

There is a statutory formula if you can't agree. LEASE has an advice guide called "Houses"... Read More