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Janet Williams

10:38 AM, 21st February 2020, About 2 years ago

Tenant handed in notice but wants rent refund?

I’m not a professional and no longer a landlord but I ask who is making the quick buck. If you don’t pay him you are getting five days’ rent twice. It’s only five days and you are not going to suffer financial hardship as you have a tenant ready to move in. It’s up to you, of course, but I feel it would be fair to reimburse him.... Read More

Janet Williams

13:27 PM, 1st August 2019, About 2 years ago

What about the gardening?

Hello, Juliet,
Round here, which is a London suburb, although not too far from the centre, it is normal for the tenant to return the property clean and at their expense. There is a lot of rented accommodation in this area and not a week goes by without requests on Facebook for recommendations for an end of tenancy clean. I was in a rented flat for a while and got a professional firm to look at it before ending the tenancy. Bless them, they told me not to waste my money as I could do it myself. I did, leaving it cleaner than when I came in three years before. I cleaned the carpets myself, the windows and I washed down the paintwork, among other things. That was my responsibility. I should assume the garden is the same. Nevertheless, I do know of landlords who have charged for cleaning and gardening, even when it has been done in order to retain money from the deposit. I am not a landlord any more so I only write as I think. I do not know what was in the tenancy agreement that you drew up and am not au fait with legal requirements as they stand at the moment.
Jan... Read More