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John Daley

12:52 PM, 12th February 2020
About 2 months ago

New RICS process to deal with high rise cladding?

If this is RICS policy ask them for a copy of the document. The press release is a bit vague.
If the property is part rendered there might be a concern as to what is under the render.... Read More

John Daley

9:28 AM, 14th December 2019
About 4 months ago

Is it reasonable to ask for extra security on front door?

After a casual look through this trail I think its obvious that neither the landlord or the property are ok.

At a guess I'd expect the flat conversion to be poor not complying with building legislation, the front door will not be 30 minute fire resistant.

The rest of the building will have safety issues because no one actually manages it. Dumping rubbish on a building site is fly tipping and a criminal offence.

No bins equals the landlord is hiding this from the Council and there is some sort of Council Tax scam.

If the landlord will not allow reasonable locks on the door then he wants to make it easy to get in to the flat for himself, clearly a warning sign. Good luck getting repairs done here. Try reporting him to the Council and I would expect harrasment at the very least.

All in all a clear opportunity to run away as fast as you can.... Read More