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Julie Ford

12:36 PM, 10th March 2020
About A year ago

No housing benefit but what if they need it during tenancy?

As the other replies have said, there is more to this situation than just a blanket ban on those in receipt of benefits.
If you have had your tenant for 5yrs, they keep the property in good nick, they don’t bother you with petty maintenance issues, have paid the rent and are friendly with the neighbours.
Why would you serve notice if their source of income changes?
Also with UC, how would you know the tenant now gets benefits?
I’m struggling to see the logic in the original post.
What if said tenant is on UC but between jobs and by the time the S21 expires they have a job again
Personally as a tenant I would not want to continue with a landlord like that and would be looking to move ASAP.
Remember that being a landlord is a business and tenants are your customers. Businesses work with their customers not against them... Read More

Julie Ford

16:55 PM, 20th February 2020
About A year ago

Tenant handed in notice but wants rent refund?

Reply to the comment left by Rob Crawford at 20/02/2020 - 14:23
Live in tenant, so can’t be AST, Tenant Fee Ban doesn’t apply here... Read More

Julie Ford

16:44 PM, 3rd February 2020
About A year ago

Failed EPC Due to assumed no insulation?

Do you need the higher rated EPC so that you can rent it out?
A property with a G rating can still be used as a rental property it just needs to get an exemption.
There are a number of exemptions, if you go to the Gov website it will give you these and how to apply for the exemption, these usually last 5 yrs.... Read More

Julie Ford

17:31 PM, 27th January 2020
About A year ago

When can I skip evicted tenants left belongings?

Reply to the comment left by Dave Walmsley at 27/01/2020 - 14:49
Having read the draft bill, it does state the commencement date is April 2020 but effects tenancies from July 2020.
The draft bill is full of errors as it then goes on the day that the law will effect all tenancies on 1st April 2021, which doesn’t support its enforcement date.
Let’s hope they get it right before it gets Royal Ascent... Read More

Julie Ford

16:49 PM, 23rd January 2020
About A year ago

Serving Section 21 during fixed term - right or wrong?

The date the AST was signed is a bit of a red herring as it’s the tenancy start date that is important.
From the classes you have posted here this looks like a very old AST which the LL is just reusing yr in yr and wouldn’t conform to current regs.
If the tenancy started 1/9/19 then if there was a BC the S21 could be served at month 4 to active at month 6, but as Neil has said the BC must be balanced and work for both parties.
I do not believe this is a valid BC and if a S21 has been served then the earliest it can be acted on is 31/8/20 which would render it over 6mo this old and therefore invalid... Read More