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Roy Jenkins

10:09 AM, 2nd August 2017
About 2 years ago

Reader's letter to IDS "Once I got started I just couldn't stop"

My reply to a Tory Cllr. On bedroom tax!

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Bedroom tax payments
Tell the Cllr Mr Rayman Bains (Con Upton)
To pay for your bedroom tax out of his own wages,
By the way, you lot pay for (his wages)
As all you less well of pay your council tax bills.
Therefore, contribute to his wages a fact!
So if this Tory Cllr wants the bedroom tax cash,
Tell him to pay yours!
Then he can tell you all if “it’s unjust or not?
Remember! Residents he probably claims,
His bedroom tax back?
Of your council tax money you all pay.
Therefore the Unjust bedroom tax will not effect,
Him one way or the over has he pays with one,
Hand and retrieves the cash with the over out of,
Council tax funds you all pay into now.
You poor--low paid workers-Mentality ill-
Disabled-old people.
However, remember all you resident here have to pay,
The bedroom tax on top of your council tax bills
He probably claims his bedroom tax payments back,
Plus over claims as well for being a Cllr there
You ALL cannot do this (claim anything back!)... Read More