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Cheryl Waugh

16:18 PM, 30th July 2017
About 3 years ago

Shelter and their abandonment of social tenants

I was in total agreement with Dr Beck's article. I let in an area that requires our properties to be licensed. For the privilege of being allowed to let them out we are charged £500 per property but receive nothing in return. However, helping a friend move into a social housing flat recently , I was horrified at the standard it was in. The new tenant could not get gas or electricity because of the debt left by the previous tenants, the toilet did not flush and I was told that this is not an emergency and someone would be out in three weeks- in the meantime use a bucket. The repair for a leak under the sink was to turn off the water to the cold tap. I would not dream of treating my tenants in this manner. The dream of a "council house" would as likely turn into a nightmare for many.... Read More