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ian sss

10:17 AM, 28th June 2017, About 5 years ago

Neighbour painting my driveway without permission?

Start with your local community mediation service - the council or local library will put you in touch. Beware thinking you know for sure just where your boundary is - if mediation doesn't work, you may end up with a specialist Land Surveyor who will explain about the +/-1m tolerance on boundary plans drawn up pre-digital. I don't suppose the tolerance in marking boundaries on the ground is much less on newer plans just because they're now plotted using the latest software. Custom and precedent are at least as important as plans, so photos and testimony from previous owners all help. Tackle the issues step by step with patience. It's usually most effective to persistently treat neighbours as well-meaning but misinformed/mistaken (whatever their motives may really be), if only because disinterested authorities won't want to get involved in apparently personal animosities. Good luck!... Read More