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Southern Er

8:17 AM, 18th January 2020
About 11 months ago

New electrical checks and safety standards for Landlords

Reply to the comment left by Seething Landlord at 17/01/2020 - 23:41
But the regs currently say that regs are not retrospective and existing installations will only be a problem if a danger arises. This will allow c3 to be used which is basically “not dangerous but does not comply”. If you have a test done and c3 comes up, you do not have to remedy it as it is retrospective. The sparks will note it for information only.
C2 means potentially dangerous and must be remedied and this will fail the certificate as danger is likely to arise.
C1 is immediate danger and the installation must be made safe and repaired immediately. Making safe may mean turn it off until it can be repaired or making a repair to make the C1 fault a c2 which then has to be repaired ASAP.... Read More

Southern Er

8:09 AM, 18th January 2020
About 11 months ago

New electrical checks and safety standards for Landlords

Reply to the comment left by Jk at 17/01/2020 - 21:39
I’m an electrician of 22 years. It’s crazy but I have to employ an electrician to test my properties. I’m qualified to 18th edition. Have the 2391 qualification and have also done the building regulations course but I don’t belong to a body as I am employed.
I can do all I need to at work, but it’s too much hassle and not cost effective to sign up to a body for c.£1000 pa to test my own properties every 5 years.
The courts will look at the regulations in bs7671 2018. You need proof the installation is safe and the way you get and prove that is by having it checked and certified. If it’s checked and certified you are able to prove that you complied with bs7671. You don’t have to. The regs are only a guide and are non statutory but by following the guide is how you show you have complied with the statutory document which is the 1974 health and safety at work act.... Read More

Southern Er

14:12 PM, 22nd September 2018
About 2 years ago

Are RCD fuse boards compulsory?

I’m an electrician and landlord so have an iron in each fire

To make life easy I’d suggest all landlords have a recent eicr and have it done every 5 years. It is not the law yet but I suspect it will be soon - and rightly so.

The eicr will give you a report of your installation and suggest improvements and give you codes of importance of work that needs doing. C1 - someone will die or fires will start, you need to fix it now or turn the power off, c2 - potentially dangerous, needs fixing ASAP as could be a hazard, c3 - does not comply with current regs (bs7671) but not immediately dangerous, FI - further investigation required, maybe the test readings were too high or circuit has readings that only just comply but are higher than they should be expected.

The fuses - be it fuse wire, cartridge fuses or breakers/mcbs protect the cable and stop it being overloaded. An rcd protects the user or the cable from dammage. They also allow for extra protection to bathrooms, outside and concealed cables to save other works such as supplementary bonding (extra earthing) in the bathroom or concealed cables having to be protected from screws ect.

If you add sockets, cable, lights, change the earthing it’s new work so has to comply. The easiest way around most regulations is to change the consumer unit. It protects pretty much everything, shows you have considered the safety of the installation and therefore your tenants and property.

If a tenant gets a shock or you have a fire you’ll regret not doing it. I would say it’s as important as a gas test, as important as smoke alarms, as scary and as dangerous as carbon monoxide leaks for a landlord and something that the government are way behind on.

It’s not expensive in the big scheme and something that I can’t recommend highly enough. I’d also say it will be the next thing to be made compulsary as I also believe carbon alarms will be too. I also happen to fit those in my properties too as I feel I have a duty to my tenants.

Hope this helps you make a sensible decision.

Ian... Read More

Southern Er

17:32 PM, 9th October 2017
About 3 years ago

Landlords Portfolio Insurance

Reply to the comment left by Jason McClean at 09/10/2017 - 17:13
Just after I left my comment I had an email from someone called Tom Chapman and I have outlined my position as he requested so I am just waiting to hear back.

Thanks for getting in touch and I will call you if I don't hear anything back.... Read More

Southern Er

14:38 PM, 9th October 2017
About 3 years ago

Airbnb paid HMRC £188,000 for last year's UK tax return

The worst bit about this is its probably perfectly legal for them to do what they have done.

Meanwhile, we are paying tax on profit that does not exist.

Seems legit!... Read More