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Maurice Caustick

16:59 PM, 8th January 2014
About 7 years ago

End of Tenancy Council Tax Demand – update

Council Tax Discount.
I have an issue with the local authority over council tax.
The tenant at my one bedroom investment property gave me 4 weeks written notice to quit. Her letter was dated 10th October 2013 making her last day at the house the 6th November.
This tenant is on benefits and the council tax is paid by the local authority.

This local authority under class C council tax discount gives 3 months at 100% non payment of council tax as the property is unoccupied.

I am now finding that the council will only allow 2 months discount because the ex-tenant took up partial residence in her new property on the 10th of October.
My property was still part furnished up to the vacation date of 6th November.

I feel I should get the full discount starting 6th November. The council view it differently and insist that it should run from the 10th October.

So unbeknown to me in reality I only have 2 months to bring the property back to a rentable condition and find a new tenant. Not the expected 3 months.
I am still looking for a tenant.

Any information on how to argue this case with the council will be appreciated.... Read More

Maurice Caustick

15:13 PM, 24th September 2013
About 7 years ago

Bank of Ireland increase differential on tracker rates

Hello Mark, I am one of the tracker rate borrowers with the BoI. I have been following this tread for sometime now and yes I have signed up and paid £150 + to the action group!
I have two questions for you.
1) The £100,000 that needs to be raised to launch the test case against the BoI. Will this money cover all costs and any charges made against us if the case is lost?
2) If we bring this test case to court and win, what's to stop the BoI from just informing it's tracker mortgage customers that they no longer want our business and just foreclose the account and ask for the loan back ?
Although I have some reservations I think we should keep going before this thing spreads even further. Regards Mo... Read More