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Thursday 22nd June 2017

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april lee

7:54 AM, 22nd June 2017, About 4 years ago

Iain Duncan Smith Has Spoken Out For Landlords

As a letting agent in somerset i have noticed the change in the lettings market over the past couple of weeks. Throughout the town we have minimal housing available. The rents have rocketed and they will continue to do so.
We have tenants that are looking for a new home as some landlords have no choice but to sell up or increase rent. For these families finding a home is proving very tricky. As an agent we are helpess. We are trying to find a home for these families but with the increasing rents complicated by few homes available i fear they will end up in a b and b or homeless.
We have landlords deciding to manage themselves. As an agent we work for the tenants as well as the landlord. We make sure both are happy. I fear with more landlords doing this proper care and protection will be reduced.
Banning agent fees is a new worry. How will this help tenants? Agents will be forced to up landlord fees, landlords will be forced to up rents to cover extra costs. People will struggle to pay and end up in rent arreas and then eviction. Will the councils be able to rehome? Again as an agent we are tied. We need to cover costs yet care about our customers .
The majority of our landlords do not own multiple properties. For most it is to help with retirement. The rent sinply covers the morgage and maintenance. These working class people are being unessessarily punished. Punished for trying to protect their future.
As an agent we charge one fee just like morgages and holiday firms etc. We do not charge a rediculous amount, very low in comparison to most. We do not charge again whilst they remain at the property. It takes time and money to do these checks.
My proposal is for the goverment to rethink punishing landlords through tax etc and encourage. We need private properties. The councils will not cope without.
To cap fees instead of banning so more cost is not put on landlords and then effect rent prices.
Please look at the rental availability in bridgwater, somerset. We are struggling to find suiteable homes for the people who live here. The desperation from some tenants is upsetting as they struggle to find a home after eviction. We have very limited properties availiable. This will happen across the uk. Never have i known our office to be so quiet.... Read More