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Jenifer Aldridge

16:58 PM, 20th September 2013, About 9 years ago

Dilemma - insurance claim required but no consent to let

Hi all, thanks for all the advice it's been great. Thankfully I did have the sense to take out Landlords insurance for both buildings and contents, I've lodged the claim and seen the loss adjuster who confirmed malicious damage would not be covered so I am having to foot the bill myself. He did say he will file the claim back to the insurance company though and await their decision, so the insurance company are still going to see a report that may be passed onto the mortgage company, however I don't think it will total more than £500 worth of damage so fingers crossed the lender won't need to be involved.
Stupidly when I first rented the place I did request permission to let, they sent the forms and I failed to return them with a simple £250 fee! I wish I had paid it now! I called again about 6 months ago and this time they wanted to do a full credit risk assessment for a BTL mortgage which I know full well I cannot afford the rates on.
Is there any way I can get the lender (C&G) to agree to the permission to let rather than BTL again?
My plan is to sell anyway in spring but will need to let it for a short term until then to cover the current mortgage, and indeed I would like to sleep at night before then if at all possible!
Unfortunately I'm a tenant myself and move due to a re-location for work so I'm unable to move back into the property, had that been an option I would jump at the chance but the proximity of my current job and residence is too far to commute to consider moving back an option.
Thanks again for the responses,
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