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Marc Welham

12:42 PM, 30th September 2017, About 4 years ago

Welfare Reform Week - Your chance to feedback to DWP on Universal Credit

i rented one of my properties to a couple in september last year. the told me they would be getting uc so i was expecting a delay. i kept in close contact with the tenants, who kept telling me uc we delaying their claim as the man was starting an apprenticeship but his boss was ill and counted get in to sign his contract with the college. the couple then split up and the female took over the property on her own. i first contacted uc in december and was told if i had her NI number and passwords they could talk to me. i got these and rang again to be turned down flatly to even talk to me. i tried again and the lady asked me different questions to access her account, things i couldnt have known like where was she born and did she have any other benefits. again they wouldnt discus anything with me as they said they couldnt access her account. in january i then sent emails to every email address on the .GOV website. none of which received a reply. i sent them again a week later, still no reply. all i wanted to know was if there was a delay with the claim or if my tenant was lying to me to i could look at eviction. still no reply despite send to the landlords email address with the subject as eviction. I was left no choice so attempted to fill in a u47 form, online and emailed and posted. left it a few weeks then rang and noone would tell me anything. i tried several times to get someone to even talk to me. i then sent yet another u47 and received an answerphone message telling me the details were wrong, i had the dob one day out. i corrected this sent the form again, gave it a while then started chasing again. eventually i received an email telling me they would pay the rent directly to me. with no details at all, no figure no date just that my payments would have certain letters after then one for the rent and one for the arrears. some payments did go into my account but didnt have the stated letters after the reference. i called again and they couldnt tell me why they had put money into my account as they couldnt discus her claim with me. they couldnt even confirm the money was for her. i pointed out to them that on the .GOV website it stated that oncde a payment plan was in place they could discus the rental part of the claim could be discussed with the landlord. they disagreed with this. so i raised a complaint. (in july , to date no reply) her case manager eventually contacted me as did a person in the live complaints department who agreed it could be discussed with me, but we are full so he couldnt do anything. her case manager said he would look into te complaint and update me when he received a reply. he stopped answer emails in august. the payments didnt cover the rent so it was looked at again i they said i was getting the wrong amount and it should be £200 a month more (which still didnt cover the rent as their email stated) i asked if the amount had been wrong for a long time and if she was owed arrears they should be paid to me to go towards clearing her debt which is going up each month and the arrears payment at the present amount will take 30 years to clear the debt if it didnt go any higher. i ring them approx once a week each time im told something different about accessing her account. i have told them that i hold them fully responsible for the arrears since january when i first contacted them by email as they have failed to act. this complaint has yet to receive any reply. i have not received any letters from u/c regarding the repayments or the managed payments. i have tried to contact ice but as i dont have any response to my complaints let alone a final response they cant do anything. i have now emailed andrew rhodes but as yet no reply! my tenant keeps telling me she is trying to sort it out and has also put in appeals. she has also said that as they told me she had to to, put in an authorisation for them to talk to me. but apparently it only last 2 weeks and most of the time they tell me they cant even access her account as im not her. I have now been told that they have no record of me contacting them until may/june and one lady told me the email address i sent to didn't exist then the next man her supervisor gave me the same address to use. i have threatened they with court action which if i do not receive a response from andrew rhodes i will be forced to do.
i have 3 tenants that are on u/c they have been my tenants for 4-5 years and never in arrears now all 3 are in arrears and if i was not a fair landlord would all be evicted.... Read More

Marc Welham

21:09 PM, 7th August 2014, About 7 years ago

Landlords benevolence has backfired - please HELP!

If you are going to move into the property yourself, you can use violence to secure entry. (Which basically means you can break in) . As they are effectively squatters. At the very least I would stop paying the utilities. And explain to the utilities companies the situation, as they are squatters they maybe willing to turn them off or at least make them responsible for the utilities they are using. Also tell the council tax people, unless you have been claiming a discount. They should make them pay the council tax. If they won't tell you if they are claiming, phone the hotline anonymously and tell them they are making a false claim. Hope you sort it all out soon... Read More

Marc Welham

17:02 PM, 19th September 2013, About 8 years ago

Roof or Condensation Problem?

Sounds like condensation. If you wet your finger and wipe it, if it wipes off its condensation if it won't wipe off its damp. I get this a lot in flats. Mainly because of clothes being dried on radiators and showers. Where do people think the moisture from their wet clothes go?? Into the air and if the property is well insulated etc it can't get out. Like it's been said above the property needs to be ventilated. Ideally by opening windows during the day, but as people seem reluctant to do this then. Extractor fans need to be fitted in the bathroom, ( as these need to have an isolator fitted I would suggest putting this before the light switch so they can't turn it off to save electric without also turning out the light!) also a dehumidifier needs to be used when drying clothes. I will supply these to my tennants as I see it as a small price to pay for my property not to get damaged. Marc... Read More