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Mike Goldsmith

18:47 PM, 25th November 2015, About 6 years ago

Mike Goldsmith

18:53 PM, 22nd June 2015, About 7 years ago

Too Good to be True?

I've used them for over a year now and have had a great service so far .... Read More

Mike Goldsmith

14:42 PM, 27th May 2015, About 7 years ago

ARLA report 32% of agents saw rent increases in April

I know that deposits have to be protected . Can you tell me , is a £200 bond against damage classed the same as a deposit and does it have to be protected ?... Read More

Mike Goldsmith

20:36 PM, 7th July 2014, About 8 years ago

Landlord intimidation - now is the time for action

Best of luck with this . I had a single mother dhss tenant who had fallen behind with her rent by 8 weeks . I applied to Rochdale mbc to be paid by them direct . They did this but it took them about another 12 weeks to do it ,because they were very busy and behind with their administration . They did apologize though and the assistant at the housing benefits office said that I should have put it in Writing , telephoned them & emailed them . I only telephoned & emailed them , In the original conversation I had with the benefits office I was told that an email with a scanned copy of the rent book would be enough .
Eventually I started to get the rent paid direct but was still 3 months behind .
After a period of around 1 year I got a letter from the housing benefits office telling me I owed them around £900 because the tenant had moved out 8 weeks ago . I immediately went round to the property where I could see through the window that her furniture & her dog were still int he property .I took photo's of this with a copy of that days newspaper in the photo to prove the date , I also had a witness with me I asked around the neighbors & they told me that she had moved about 6 doors down the street . I knocked on the door of her new house & she opened the door and looked shocked that I had found her (how thick can you be ? She had moved less than 100 Mtrs away ) She told me she had moved out but had not had the time to move her stuff out and that she had left her dog there (which she should not have had in the property) to keep her new place clean . I got her keys off her along with a photograph of her giving me the keys also with the current days newspaper . I sent all the evidence to the council but they wouldn't listen . The next letter I got was from their legal department threatening me with court action. I telephoned the Housing benefits again & eventually I got through to the top man or so I was told & in my opinion I must have interrupted his coffee break or something . I think he sighed more than he spoke . He said that she had moved to a new address & they had a copy of her new lease , I reiterated that her furniture & her dog was still in my property & that she had not informed me that she intended to leave . He returned an even bigger sigh & said if I wanted to go to court then I was welcome to as it was between me & the tenant & nothing to do with them even though they had paid me for 8 weeks after they had received her new tenancy for her new address he also implied I was wasting his time as he was a very busy man . I bet he was busy if this is how his department is run .
At the time (before the recession ) I was running my own building company separately to my rental portfolio & I was just too busy to waste my time going to court so sent them a cheque for the required amount .
It came off my tax bill which was 40% so I just bit the bullet & paid it .
It is time the government and the local councils realized and valued the service that private landlords provide . I know we all do it for profit But what's wrong with that ? I also know that some landlords aren't up to standard but most of us are good & honest hard working people . I have quite a lot of tenants on benefits and I have to say most of them are great and some of them have been tenants for 10 years or more . What would the government do if private landlords said no more tenants on benefits & evicted them all . I personally would be evicting more than 20 families . Just a thought .
This happened a few years ago so the figures are only approximate and I try not to think about it for long .... Read More

Mike Goldsmith

12:37 PM, 21st June 2014, About 8 years ago

Government to step in to resolve Deposit Protection ambiguity

I agree with Alex . I have 30 odd houses and do not take deposits anymore . To me it takes up too much time & effort . The good tenant's will always give you the correct notice time & leave your property in a good condition . The bad tenants will always leave owing you money and lots of damage . I had one leave a 3 bedroom house this year without telling me ,owing 2 months rent & he took all the white goods and even the carpets "yes the carpets" . He had been a perfect tenant for 8 years always paid his rent on time but then just went feral . I did have a deposit from him but it didn't stop him wrecking the place .... Read More