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Tuesday 17th September 2013

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Martin Cole

1:20 AM, 17th September 2013
About 8 years ago

I am purchasing a BuytoLet with the intention of moving in later

Wow, the UK system of BTL v residential loans needs a major overhaul. I am Australian and have a couple rentals left and had other rentals and the system is so much easier and more transparent than this, that makes the discussion mute.
Ditto the rent rules are easier and more transparent making rental ownership for the common man simpler and more accessable, meaning more rentals available for the renter, much easier to remove someone, more investments around, tenants can stay in properties being sold if they want etc etc
Overhaul and transparency, rent rules, loans, mindset, good for all
No help to the discussion though sorry, just had to add it after reading this and other articles here for a while now...
Good luck all... Read More