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Zoe C

14:38 PM, 11th August 2014, About 7 years ago

Landlord action to appear on BBC One programme Inside Out

We have this everyday, I manage around 130 properties for one landlord. The state of the flats never cease to amaze me. The (in arrears) claimant usually wrecks the place to prove a point to us. Even though they didn't pay the rent! It's always our fault! Then they have to pay us back via their benefits, £4 a week, it never gets paid after the first month.

So we stopped HB completely. Our adverts state No unemployed or benefits of any kind. They still phone just for you to say no again and then abuse you down the phone that you don't take benefits.

They don't care one bit, even leaving behind the furniture they received via vouchers through the Council, they know they can get more. When the Council starts getting serious with them perhaps we can have HB tenants back again?

We do have 3 tenants which are as good as gold. The benefit is paid directly to us and cannot be paid to the tenant, that is the condition of the lease. We are sorry as it fills our voids quite nicely. But now the charges are £250 for the first court application, £200 for bailiffs and so on and so on. Plus the council always tell them to stay put until the bailiff comes knocking!... Read More

Zoe C

11:21 AM, 3rd July 2014, About 7 years ago

The Property Redress Scheme and the Lettings Industry


Is there any news on Private Landlords and their obligation to the scheme?

Thanks... Read More

Zoe C

12:04 PM, 23rd April 2014, About 8 years ago

The Social Housing crisis and Landlords

We also have this problem, recently we took part in a scheme through the Council to let some of our properties (which fall into the benefits cap level) to cases that had been vetted through the local Lettings Partnership. We took on 4 tenants, 3 single males and a young couple with a baby.

The three males have been no problem and we would have been good advocates for the scheme to other Private Landlords. Unfortunately the couple are another matter. The Council checked the flat over before granting them access to it. They moved in, trouble followed almost immediately with the couples relationship. Social services are involved as there is a baby too. Then doors were punched, the top up DHP amount wasn't paid, don't forget all rent is in arrears and the deposit is bonded so we have no actual real money for the damage. Finally we served notice on them for the end of the 6 months, after terrorising other tenants of ours and we await their exit.
We have now been contacted by another department in the Council who are issuing us with formal proceedings as they say we are not attending to repairs. Of course the girl has lied through her teeth and we were given no right of reply, just ordered to do works that didn't appear necessary when they moved in!
We now dread the usual route of bailiffs costing us hundreds of pounds to get her out as the Council won't rehouse her until she is being made homeless.

Funnily enough we have left the scheme now and made it very clear that the Council have not helped themselves or us. We own 130 rental properties in our area, they will never be available again to benefits, privately or through the Council.

It's a shame in the wake of a housing crisis the very people that need help will not get it and we will not be a good advert to any other private landlord that is thinking about doing it.... Read More