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John Bolland

12:11 PM, 6th March 2015, About 7 years ago

Unpaid council tax £9 fees £500!!

The fees and action by the council/bailiffs/debt collectors is so outrageously out of proportion that I would do as follows.

1. Everything in writing with proof of postage or email
2. Write to council CEO and your councillor with the facts demanding a reasonable stance from the council.
3. Have the Bailiffs/debt collectors got a court order for the debt - doubtful. If they say yes demand to see it. If you are unaware due process may not have been followed. A crime I believe. Tell them this.
4. Pay the sum to the council cc bailiffs/debt collectors.
5. Tell the bailiffs and council you will be reporting them for harassment under the Protection from Harassment Act. Inform them harassment is a criminal offence for which they can go to PRISON for upto 5 years.
5. CC All this to your MP ask for help for this bully boy attitude by public servants6. Mug up Bailiffs/debt collection rules using Google/ or PIMS. or similar.

A TV program that may be available on back view recently covered this topic. Beat the Bailiffs I think it was called.... Read More

John Bolland

21:57 PM, 14th September 2013, About 8 years ago

Council tax liability for absconding tenant

Reply to the comment left by "Vanessa Warwick" at "13/09/2013 - 13:39":

I find a new trick by some councils I write to is to avoid the normal 6 months non payment council tax period if the property is void and unfurnished is to claim full council tax as " the property is no one's main abode....therefore full tax is payable "

Our reply is usually that the property is undergoing refurbishment/redecoration/de-infestation and as such is not habitable so no tax payable and that they will be advised who the new tenant is when they sign the ASTA (we do not say this is the date for tax as the tenant may not move in straight away!) .If this is a council with history we accuse them of reckless, time wasting behaviour and maladministration without due process of enquiry and warn them we may report them to the LGO.

As I deal with many councils it is only a largely "lefty" few who are the culprits....!

Councils are getting ever more desperate for money and feel Landlords are fair game.

We also recently had a Tribunal decision in our favour after an LHA tenant did a moonlight and the council tried to claim back over £1200 LHA that we got finally reduced to £400 approx.
The tent only 22, with a fatherless child and knowing all the benefits backwards owed £1,000's to other councils, housing associations, Next, sky etc etc.

The Judge though she should be sued and was clearly a fraudster. We said we would leave it to the councils and other parties. The lefty council rep kept stum after I pointed out that in their voluminous bundle they had the decision date for LHA before the application date! We do not normally rent to LHA's and this let was on the basis that from day 1 she paid the LHA to us. She reneged on this claiming the council had delayed approval etc Council refused to discuss with us but had been paying it for several months, money used to holiday in Turkey before we got it paid to us ....... She then planned her exit!

Quite complicated this was as regards vacating as the tenant advised the council she had left when she had not cleared all her belongings out or handed over the keys.
All time wasting nonsense although the tribunal staff were very friendly and we got to claim expenses.

Hey Ho the joys of being a Landlord.... Read More

John Bolland

5:17 AM, 22nd May 2013, About 9 years ago

Landlords Life Insurance Calculator

Hi Mark

I am looking into this and have been pleasantly surprised at the relatively low premiums for term cover for up to age 80 (I am 70+). £682.36 per month seems reasonable for £1/2 million and I gather it is fully tax deductible. However will I die before age 80/81.
Well maybe as I am a bit of a creaking gate but I do look after my health and am a non smoker. As it would be written as a trust outside my estate I assume my wife who would be 85 by then could just pocket the £500,000 to live on along with her pensions and investments and this would give her a breathing space to either liquidate the loans by selling the properties that in 10 years hopefully will have appreciated by a good amount,using agents and our trusty family solicitors to do the work at a pre-negotiated reasonable fee. I doubt she would want to carry on with the business and we have no children.

She has two aunts one who died recently at 98, the other who will be 101 in July and lives happily on her own with some help and has a brain as sharp as a knife still, so she will most probably outlive me.

My investigations and research continue but your recommended expert seems very good so far. Just have the hurdle of a medical review that could increase the premiums quoted.

So when will I die? Not the most pleasant of tasks this type of planning brings! Citywire used to have a Deathometer to let you calculate but I have not seen it on their www lately. It would be pretty annoying to die at 82 just outside the term and I would have spent £73,000 in premiums for the cover. Tax deductible though so cover for no cost? But it would probably be worth it , would it, is the question? It would give my wife some sense of security and freedom from hassle in her 80's. ( Plus a motive to bump me off - only joking dear).

I gather the maximum age cover can be given to is 85 when the premium from the start is £826.52 per month. (£139,000 approx in my case). My father died at 89+, almost 90 and my mother at 82 so I need to put my actuarial hat on which is no doubt what these insurance companies have done.........!

We would have secured occupation of our main property home by taking out a lifetime mortgage that lets you stay in until you both are dead or go into a residential care home - shudder the thought. But releases more capital to live it up with.

Decisions, decisions, decisions.... Read More

John Bolland

4:27 AM, 22nd May 2013, About 9 years ago

The Ombudsman has ruled, fair or not, you decide ....

Typical LA let at all costs for the fees attitude here. Benefits can be a minefield so needs defining perhaps to Unemployment Benefit since a family with 7 children would get loads of benefits like child allowance, FIS, etc. And we have coming Universal Benefit that presumably includes child allowance,

We steer well clear of DSS, Smokers and Pets as experience is generally that they are bad news and do not respect property and with 7 children screaming about in a property mega dilapidations is guaranteed.

When tenants slip into benefits by being unemployed or single parents when a "partner " leaves you also need to be aware that if the tenant lied about income or anything else significant the council can claim the benefits back!!!... Read More