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12:48 PM, 2nd November 2020, About 9 months ago

Golden Visa Opportunities: The Top 10 Interesting Programs

BUT do people do this:
"Simply going abroad for a few years in order to benefit from the non-resident rules, and then returning to the UK having disposed of the properties, may see you falling foul of the temporary non-residence rules for CGT, and all of the gain coming into the UK CGT remit."
Is there a true benefit to doing so and if so where do they go?
TBH, I'd sell tomorrow but for the CGT noose hanging over me - if emigration was the genuine solution it's an option I'd happily take!!... Read More

12:19 PM, 2nd November 2020, About 9 months ago

How do I transfer ownership of my rental house into my wife's name?

Reply to the comment left by Paul Hawkins at 31/10/2020 - 10:56
Dear Paul

Crikey - I am so sorry to hear that...

Sorry to pry but is your wife angling to keep 'your' flat in the divorce?

I presume you remained the LEGAL owner but completed the necessary paperwork to make her the BENEFICIAL owner (to keep your taxes low)?

Good luck!... Read More

12:51 PM, 14th March 2020, About A year ago

Budget implications on holiday lets?

Have any FHLs successfully applied for this grant yet?... Read More