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17:28 PM, 5th April 2017, About 5 years ago

Buying a house without building regs for loft conversion pre 1985?

Hi Puzzler thanks for your advice. Good to hear its not so out of the ordinary.
We have spoken to the valuer who adivsed that he would not change his valuation given that a certificate wasn't required. He also said he would also still consider the new rooms as bedrooms. He said he would provide written confirmation of this to the lender if he was asked by them.

We also checked that our buildings and contents insurance provider would cover us, which they will. Myself and my partner are happy to exchange but the solicitors are insistent they need to check with the lender if there's no documentation available, which will be another delay. Its been a week and a half since they said they wanted to do the searches regarding building regulation and we had planned to complete this Friday so the delay is quite frustrating.

Any advice on how to persuade the solicitor to just let us exchange without the extra documentation? Would it help if I spoke to the lender myself for their opinion?... Read More