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Ross Tulloch

17:49 PM, 14th March 2019
About 2 weeks ago

How do I minimise my losses?

If on one agreement, I would with them do my best to replace the person with another and do a new agreement. Hopefully they would want this. I of course do not know the circumstances, but we have done this in the past... Read More

Ross Tulloch

12:10 PM, 25th February 2019
About 4 weeks ago

Gold and Silver but all Red tape!

What are they on? Replace perfectly good white goods after 8 years? What to do with the old working one? How do you know the age of the appliance anyway? And replace a perfectly good toilet seat every new tenant?... Read More

Ross Tulloch

10:59 AM, 21st February 2019
About a month ago

Client Money Protect is first government approved CMP scheme

I own our on properties and let them out directly to the tenant(s). Presumably this would only apply if we used a letting agent who would have to be a member, but in our circumstances would not apply?... Read More

Ross Tulloch

10:52 AM, 21st February 2019
About a month ago

Is this an HMO?

As I understand it, it is an HMO if there are (people from) two or more families, and five or more people. Unless the local council has additional selective licensing, in which case it will be three or more people.... Read More

Ross Tulloch

10:56 AM, 23rd January 2019
About 2 months ago

Tenant Fees Ban - Examples

Not clear, if I have a 12 month tenancy WITH A 6 MONTH BREAK CLAUSE, if I can continue charging £200 admin if they leave between 6 months and I year? (beyond 1 year we do not)... Read More