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Thursday 30th March 2017

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Daisy D

17:45 PM, 30th March 2017, About 5 years ago

Private Landlord says I must wait for grant to get hot water!

Hi Janet,

I have just noted you are in Scotland, so quite a lot of the advice on here does not apply.

Firstly your Landlord should be registered check https://www.landlordregistrationscotland.gov.uk/

And secondly contact https://www.housingandpropertychamber.scot/ who will take your complaint seriously.

Here is a link to the repair reporting form:- https://www.housingandpropertychamber.scot/sites/default/files/documents/REPAIRS%20APPLICATION%20FORM%20CHAMBER.pdf

Shelter and CAB should know this information and should have directed you to the housing and property chamber (formerly private rented housing panel) at first contact.

Hope this helps

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