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Malcolm Ratcliffe

17:58 PM, 12th June 2021, About 2 weeks ago

UK Property Prices Forecast & Why The Property Price Boom Will Last - June 21 Report

John Ward has done a you tube video on the energy requirement to charge an all electric car transportation structure. There appears to be enough energy generation capacity at the moment. It’s fully utilised at peak demand, but most of the time it not running. At times the electricity wholesale prices are negative, they are paid to use electricity as you can’t turn of wind generation and nuclear is best left running at a constant rate.... Read More

Malcolm Ratcliffe

10:41 AM, 20th April 2021, About 2 months ago

EICR has thrown a complete spanner in the works?

There are lots of you tube videos on EICR tests. These are by electricians who really know what they are talking about. You can get a certificate for £75, but it’s unlikely to reflect the true condition of the wiring. Many charge a fee for testing the consumer unit and a fee for each circuit, email them a photo when you ask for a quote. If a flat fee is charged this might suggest that the electrician is willing to adjust the amount of testing to suit the time available, which is not professional.... Read More

Malcolm Ratcliffe

13:09 PM, 14th February 2021, About 4 months ago

Do I need a separate EICR?

Reply to the comment left by Seething Landlord at 10/02/2021 - 10:29
In your situation where you have had 2 distribution boards replaced and all the light switches and switched sockets, then the EIC is far better than the inspection. In the inspection it’s not required to check every socket and switch, I believe the phrase used is “a representative sample”. It’s down to the discretion of the electrician. Some will be more contentious and look at every socket, they will be charging more than someone who decides to look at 10% of the switches and sockets. The electrical tests carried out on your cables will be the same as if it had been a new build.... Read More

Malcolm Ratcliffe

13:29 PM, 7th November 2020, About 8 months ago

Tenants are a nightmare for allowing workman in - EICR?

Just because an installation is old doesnt mean it will fail. My wiring is 40 years old. I fitted an electric shower and, as there was not space in existing fusebox decided to have a new 18th edition consumer unit with RCBOs. And had it tested. No remedial work needed to the wiring.

A neighbour had her 1960s wiring tested, this had no earthing. She retained most of existing wiring and had earth wire (cpc) added, the electrician managed to thread it through existing trunking,

Re comments about BigMc. The Eicr is about testing your installation to the safety standards (the regulations) that were in force at the time when it Was first installed. This means that
You don’t have to upgrade to new colours, put in a metal consumer unit etc. Have a look on .YouTube. , there are loads of videos. Search for dses eicr. Dses is an electrician who explains what eicr is and why you don’t have to do upgrades.

Avoid anyone who insists that you need to comply with the latest regs is looking for work, the regs only tell you about how new installations should be carried out. Eicr tests safety.

An 18 month Eicr sounds dodgy! As they run for 5 years I’m wondering if a wothhless piece of paper was bought in a pub. There should be a dated sticker on the fusebox.

If you must have an EICR, and your tenants prevent this then you cannot legally rent the property. You must therefore evict them? That’s my interpretation.

And you must commission and pay for the EICR. They can’t give you a piece of paper saying it’s ok.... Read More

Malcolm Ratcliffe

13:26 PM, 15th August 2020, About 10 months ago

Rent Repayment Order Magic Money Tree is pretty much dead!

Not read this in detail, but I saw the bit about no-win, no fee not being worth while as the £250 - 400 Fees would only cover 1 to 2 hours of the legal charges. These might be the charges, but they do seem totally OTT, on a per hour basis.... Read More