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Ajay Pamneja

7:45 AM, 17th April 2021
About 2 days ago

EICR has thrown a complete spanner in the works?

This is an opportunity for electricians to print money. It's their 'gold rush' at the moment and they are not letting us down!

I have paid between £80 and £300 for an EICR report. and yes, the price to put right the works varies between electricians. If they smell blood, they will rip you apart. Do some reading and educate yourself with basics. I think NRLA are doing some 'Basic Electricals' course for landlords if anyone wants to take it that far.

These are the unintended consequences of another ill thought out policy of this government. I am all for safety of the properties and tenants, but the rush and deadlines cause their own new 'market' for tradesmen to add pressure for already under-pressure landlords for ever increasing costs.... Read More

Ajay Pamneja

10:55 AM, 31st July 2019
About 2 years ago

Jacob Rees-Mogg: Cutting and decentralising tax

This summary presents the paper in a very positive light.
If they are open to bringing some 'new thinking' into the implementation of taxes, incentives, competition into the world of property and finance, it would be great thing and I am sure that they would be flooded with ideas from a whole host of bright minds in the country. On the other hand, it could also open up a Pandora's box, if wrong choices are made from those suggestions.

Good luck, Mr Rees-Mogg. Remember, your colleagues could not sort out Brexit in 3 years.... Read More

Ajay Pamneja

17:25 PM, 15th April 2019
About 2 years ago

Tenant Fees Act 2019 – Draconian legislation

Who are the clowns in this case? Our legislators, who cannot draft the legislation or US for accepting such absurd regulations?

Brilliant article and hoping that none of the presented scenarios end up in court, but as you say, if you give tenants the opportunity, they will. and this Act definitely does that on many levels.

Do we need a revolution in this country too (like the Yellow Vests in France)?... Read More

Ajay Pamneja

11:22 AM, 19th November 2018
About 2 years ago

Nottingham lose £95k appeal against landlord

This article does not make it clear how many people were resident in the two rooms. On the face of it, if it was 1 person in each, the second room complies with the regulation and hence should not have been pursued it in the courts (6.89 available vs 6.51 required). It would have been more useful to highlight how this ruling can help other landlords understand where the legislation failed. Might have to 'google the ruling' now.... Read More

Ajay Pamneja

9:33 AM, 27th September 2018
About 3 years ago

Bod's decision on whether or not to incorporate his rental property business

Great summary. Thank you.

So all that 'whitewash' about only 5% of the landlords will be affected by the S24 and that it only affects those in higher Tax Rate bands was utter tosh.

I have always said that if you have a leveraged portfolio (above 50%), you will be affected. People are beginning to see that when they are filling their tax self assessments.... Read More