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Monday 20th February 2017

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Martin Stephenson

10:59 AM, 24th February 2017
About 4 years ago

My correspondence showing complete Ministerial lack of understanding!

I echo everything you say there Lyndon. As I'm sure most landlords and business people with half a brain cell do too. Then why oh why is this this government so adamant on destroying everything we have built up.

How can the call this "levelling the playing field?". As you quite rightly pointed out the rich (who could no doubt cover the hit) don't get affected!

We only have a few properties that we have been trying to build up as our pension plan so as not to have to depend on the state. And at the end of the month after costs etc we come out with very little money as it is.

Its the retrospective tax part I don't understand. Surely the way to "level the playing field" would be as you also mentioned , to start it from our next purchase so that we can factor these cost into it.

I think we can all talk till we are blue in the face, this government is not going to listen to logic. Is'nt it about time the government took a harder line with the scroungers and left the hard working people trying to create a future without burdening the state alone.... Read More