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G Brown

22:37 PM, 16th February 2020, About 2 years ago

Purchasing land in personal or Ltd company name

Hi Kev
I find myself with in a similar predicament to you a year ago. How did it go and which route did you decide?
I think i'd be holding the plot for a while to sort out several land issues, obtain planning etc, with a view to either selling with planning (as joint individuals with Mrs B) or building anew as a company (moving in, then selling to maximise 0%vat) . Would the idea of 'holding' the land impact which buying method was used?
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G Brown

13:14 PM, 22nd March 2016, About 6 years ago

Could part of my land be stolen?


You'd have thought that, but the action of adversely possessing someone else's land would essentially be trespass, therefore infringing over the boundary lines on the land registry.

The latter is correct. Briefly, in the 60s land was carved up into plots. Someone mistakenly built a wall which didnt match the submitted land registry plans, resulting in a small area of the garden from mine into next door's. Over the next 30 years and various sales, each owner just accepted that the wall must be correct, despite the title deeds showing that my garden was actually in next door's, but couldnt be accessed because of the wall. My fault for not questioning the boundary lines with the physical space when I bought. I suppose the current owners would argue all they have done is to formalise land that I never suspected that I owned in the first place... Read More

G Brown

13:52 PM, 16th February 2016, About 6 years ago

Could part of my land be stolen?

The process of claiming Adverse Possession is a crazy one where you can legally 'steal' someone's land. I believe the law changed about 2008 as described earlier.

From what I remember, the main points to test are; does the disputed land look as if it belongs to one property (ie fencing, hedges), has one party been taking care of the disputed land, and would one person be disadvantaged if the disputed land was taken from them, and how long has the disputed land been adversely possessed. For some reason, a time frame of 12 years rings a bell.

From what you've outlined, one thing seems positive, and that is that your neighbour has acknowledged that the disputed land is not his being that he offered to buy it?

Forgive the bitterness but I have fallen foul of this law and lost land with a story that's not too dissimilar to yours. Our local solicitors were employed to deal with it, as we didnt have a legal leg to stand on (due to the tests above) we did well to get the possesee to pay for the costs, solicitors fees and conveyancing. Hope that helps!

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G Brown

20:48 PM, 28th June 2015, About 6 years ago

Can you take a deposit by installments?

Re deposits in instalments - using the DPS I recently added a second smaller payment to the first, so it can be done. I believe that the whole amount as stated in the AST needs to be protected within 30 days, not 30 days after the first payment was lodged.... Read More

G Brown

13:02 PM, 9th January 2015, About 7 years ago

Is Broadband still necessary for HMOs ?

I see your logic of getting tenants to get a dongle. It would depend on coverage, and whether your tenants are willing to cover the cost of data. Not sure if anyone else has any experience, but I'd imagine it would be pricey, theferefore unattractive to potential tenants.
As most students tend to have laptops to watch TV on catchup services, I find providing the fastest bandwidth to be a solution/alternative to a TV. I currently have 120mb with Virgin, which has proved to be a good option so far, though it does suffer from bouts of slowness which can be frustrating when 4 or 5 people are streaming or playing games.
I have called engineers who've tested the connection and say its fine, and explained how the speed test I run arent accurate, but give to reason why its slow sometimes.
I pay 40 odd a month for it, and generally, it's proved sufficient. Be aware that you may need to drill through your wall to get a box inside.... Read More