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Andre Gray

13:36 PM, 11th February 2019, About 3 years ago

CGT or PPR - should we move back in?

HI - we moved out of our rental 14 years ago into a bigger house because the kids were growing up. We have now moved back into the rental (dec 2018) after selling the bigger house. No CGT on the house we sold as it was out main residence for 14 years. I have been informed by the solicitor that if we ever sell the rental we have moved back into there will be a CGT liability on the 14years it was rented out. Not sure if that is correct?

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Andre Gray

13:00 PM, 6th February 2019, About 3 years ago

Average of 6 Landlords per London branch are selling up say ARLA

Gave up being a landlord in Sept 2017. Sold my main residence in Dec 2018 and move back into the Rental as my main residence after some remedial work. Lost a years rental but so relieved at not having all the hassle with regulations/tax. Would never do it again.
Tenants had been with us for 12 years and had four dogs so the place so was well worn but they paid on time and never complained. They did some remedial work in that time(after contacting us) so never put up the rent and gave them their deposit back when they left. They moved two doors up in the same street. Now they are nice neighbours. Tax and regulation is well and truly screwing up the rental market.
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Andre Gray

13:07 PM, 10th May 2018, About 4 years ago

Bill requiring rented homes to be fit for human habitation

Another reason i am glad I came out of the rental marker last September and have not rented my only rental since. Although I do plan to move into it eventually once my main is sold. Even though I have lost some rental it does not hurt as much as regulation/taxes/tenants I would have to worry about. Tracking prices on Zoopla is still seems to have made enough to cover any rental losses after costs. No tenants to worry about, no regulations, no letting agents and no tax to get stuffed over.... Read More