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Peter Harris

10:10 AM, 3rd February 2017
About 4 years ago

Chimney sweeping requested but tenant put gas fire in themselves?

Reply to the comment left by "Helen " at "31/01/2017 - 09:59":

I'll just add my 'two penneth' ... as M.D. of Wilkins Chimney Sweep Ltd, a chimney sweeping franchise, I would like to let you know that the Fire Service recommends that gas fire flues (chimneys) should be swept annually. All responsible bodies connected with chimneys, sweeping associations, Gas Safe and the like strongly recommend a bird proof cowl be fitted. Assuming this is done possibly having the chimney swept every other year would suffice!
I am also a landlord and I believe the tenant is responsible for having the chimney swept, you can ask to see the sweeping certificate and insist it is swept by a professional trade association member. HETAS only recognise three such associations, APICS, GOMS, and NACS...
The chimney obviously needs sweeping however, many gas fires need to be removed prior to sweeping and, once the chimney is swept, re-fitted by a Gas Safe engineer (some do not)... most sweeps do not offer this service. This cost would also need to be covered by the tenant.As you probably know as a landlord you are responsible for providing a carbon monoxide alarm in each room where there is a gas appliance, I would put one in the room where the gas fire is too, just to 'cover your bottom'...
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