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10:32 AM, 12th March 2019
About 4 months ago

Dream tenants threatened by Housing Trust shared fencing issue

I had this very problem.

My property had a shared boundary as determined by the deeds.
The boundary fence blew down and was not in the best of condition anyhow.
Contacted the landlord of the neighbouring property which was a housing association and they told me it was their tenants responsibility not there's. Their tenant had just moved in (single mum 2 kids and pregnant) and apparently signed her tenancy agreement which stated she would take responsibility for the upkeep of certain areas (the garden was such area). I challenged this stating this was an unfair term etc, but to cut along story short got nowhere. The tenant had no money and when I spoke with solicitor about taking action, was advised it would likely cost the same or more than replacing the fence myself.
Obviously I did not want to cause my tenants an elderly couple who had a dog any more stress than was possible, so after 6 months, just paid to have a new fence put up.

The time and hassle involved trying to sort this out was ridiculous, so I'd think through your options carefully especially if the cost to replace the fence is not to expensive (bearing in mind you maybe paying half anyhow). Tax deductible too!... Read More


9:14 AM, 25th May 2018
About A year ago

Which Billboard Design Do You Prefer?

Prefer the original design.
IMO - the Line "Renting Your Home - You Need To Know This!" is the important part. It speaks to the people affected.
Lines like "Your Rent", ""You Could Be Evicted" "Your Landlord Could Sell Your Home" - People can relate.
Where's the call to action?
"You & Your Family Could Be Affected - Visit this website if You Rent Your Home. etc, etc.... Read More


13:49 PM, 24th January 2017
About 2 years ago

Fence dispute with Housing Association?

Thanks for your comments everyone.
I will be speaking with the HA again this week and will ask to speak to their legal department. I will let them know I intend to go to the small claims court if needed.... Read More