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Tuesday 20th December 2016

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Brendan Hindle

14:14 PM, 20th December 2016
About 4 years ago

Letting Agents will no longer be able to charge fees to tenants

I work for a letting and management agent and see the amount of work that goes into properly vetting tenants, as well as drawing up paperwork etc. When it's done properly, its a lot of man-hours. I find it simply staggering that this is expected to be done for "free".

Leaving aside the fact it seems like another way of 'taxing' landlords, all it will serve to do is drive rent prices up further as landlords and agents, quite rightly in some cases, look to recoup costs.

I would be the first to agree that costs need to be regulated. As a tenant myself I've been asked to pay £1000+ in fees from one agent, while paying only £400 elsewhere. If I'm being provided with a service I expect some cost to follow, but the wildly differing fees is what needs regulating, rather than ruling them out completely and restricting a 'free market' and a businesses earning potential.

I just hope the ruling out of fees doesn't lead to the cutting of corners when it comes to handling references etc.... Read More