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15:54 PM, 26th October 2019, About 2 years ago

Tenant asks for so called 'No Fault Eviction Notice'?

I have a tenant (with children) who didn’t ask; but angrily demanded I give here notice so she can get a council place.

I wrote her a long explanation of how the local council would contact me and either decide she has made herself homeless or give her some shyt hole that councils can legally get away with.

She was not happy with me, and after a ten year good relationship she has since turned into not hellish, but certainly a difficult tenant.

I regularly receive report of faults, many of which are falsely reported but non the less I pay the price of investigation the reports or face her threat to report me to the council. I am walking on egg shells and dare not say or do anything that she could twist which could become a serious issue for me.

There is a lot of talk here about criminal aspects.

I totally disagree.

A section 21 can be given for no reason at all.
I would agree there are moral aspect but be very careful that you don’t end up paying thousands for no fault of your own, purely on a moral stance.

If a landlord issue a section 21 upon request, the landlord would not be breaking any laws by doing so.

From the business side this is just another hit landlords take, if the notice don’t go to court its a lucky break, if it does its good by to £350 plus the loss of precious time, the up side is the notice should at least not be contended by the tenant, or Shelter.

Although of coarse Shelter and other dick-headed false do-gooders will find a way to make it look like the poor tenant are the ones who suffered at the hands of merciless landlords.

My best advise is: unless there is a good reason to issue and likely chance of gaining possession via a section 8,
Tell your tenant the cost, (I don’t think there would likely be any issue if the tenant paid the court fee direct themselves.) Whether you can get admin fees covered or not you should at least get the tenants full co-operation to work with them to make sure you have all the documents correct, and to grant you access to show new protective tenants, even without issue the Section 21 notice while you still have the option.

I really wished I had given my tenant notice when she asked.

Be warned, you are likely to face a rough ride if you take the moral aspect.

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13:05 PM, 28th September 2019, About 2 years ago

Norwich Council - False claims and hypocritical action

Hi Daniel,
Power to you,
Do section 21s apply to councils? or even Housing Associations?

I have seen a Norwich Council contact,
It was some time back, I seem to recall the council only had to give just 2 weeks notice.

If this is correct it adds to the hypocritical action.

In my experience Norwich City council are a law upon themselves.

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14:23 PM, 26th August 2019, About 2 years ago

Police blamed for allowing Anarchy to rule in the PRS

Hi Mark,

The Police had no care what so ever for my loss or costs I suffered as a victim from the action of criminals or as a direct result of the Police’s absolute positive action to save them from acting on one of the very few laws that was set-up to protect landlords.

Landlords are not just Soft Targets we are virtually Non-Beings.

We all know the squatting in residential properties is illegal – Right?

Not according to Norfolk Police who after strong criticism from myself used two of their solicitors to utilise the poor wording of guidance by the CPS to work around, and save them from acting upon this law. (The squatter claimed an unknown person gave them a tenancy)

When I evicted squatter the council treated me like the devil incarnate and re-housed them.

The support from Property 118 members who offered their help, did a lot to help me cope.

I now thank them.

I am not one for giving up, but the crap that PRS Landlords are getting from every which way is very telling. There are other ways to invest.

To all landlords who think they are beyond suffering allegations of being a ‘bad landlord’ don’t be too quick to judge others. I could rent your place and turn it into a mould invested hell hole in just a few weeks, I could create boiler, shower and electrical faults left right and centre, even when you’ve spend thousands putting right problems caused by me (but you had no way of proving it) I could still create issues and report you to the council for neglect, not only will the council have you dancing a pretty dance with their favoured 30k fines, I will pay the rent, but you’ll be lucky to ever make a profit from me and you will be stuck with me, best you never speak to me as I will use and twist anything you say to call it harassment. Oh yes; as the tenant I will be the poor victim during all this you Bastard Landlord.

I purposely became a landlord nearly 30 years ago to secure the means for a pension for myself. The recent hit after hit upon landlords is making me look for other avenues than residential letting.

My advice to any new or wantabe landlords is beware, unless there are signs that private residential Landlords will be protected and encouraged, look at commercial or holiday lets or look outside of England.

Perhaps Mark you are the man, or Property 118 could find a viable way for PSR landlords to form a National UK Housing Association? I know little about HA’s, I am of the mind that PSR rules don’t apply, HA’s do seem to lend to my wish to invest in property together with my known good tenants, such a venture has the growth investment potential without the maintenance or agents or PSR tenant issues. One association with many members could cover hundreds of thousands of properties put me down for a 1% formation dividend.
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11:54 AM, 5th March 2019, About 3 years ago

Norfolk police claim trespasser is a tenant?

Reply to the comment left by Chris Daniel at 04/03/2019 - 21:59
Hi Chris,
Found you. Good site.

Chris, I am far from being a “know it all”, but after nearly 30 years of being a landlord I am certainly not green either.

The beatings I have, and am taking from everyone and their dog, has consumed my life of late, I am currently in no state of mind to step into the ring against the police. I am sure if the occupant claimed allegations of illegal eviction, the police would have to act aganist me as their statement that the occupyier was a tenant came after legal consultation (at the time).

The warrant I sort against the trespasser was the same as if they were a tenant, my understanding of an interim warrant is its used primarily against trespassers and not normally suitable against tenants? either way i didn’t give it too much thought as I knew the standard warrant would do the job.

I will fight, and am fighting when and where needed, certainly in my older age I am getting more selective.

Tell me Chris, considering the written statement I received from the police stating that the occupier was a “Tenant”, do you still standby your 3 times statement that an interim warrant would have been the best move?

The line depicting the Legal / illegal issue of trespass in residential premises by persons who believes or make claim they have permission, is a fight I will take-up.

My personal case has clearly shown the issue is with the CPS guidance, not the wording of the law.

I am of the mind to not only get the support of other landlords but also the police and the (Brexit allowing) I will attempt to find support from the many multi-party MPs that voted this law in, both the police and the CPS themselves were also in favour of this law so I think the chances of a successful outcome is high.

Certainly without a change, (at least in Norfolk and Suffolk) a squatter only has the claim they believe they have permission and have half bake story to back them, then the (dare I say) Norfolk aNd good (get it?) police will state the issue is and will REMAIN CIVIL, despite the trespasser becoming aware of their trespass status.

If you or others wish to be involved in helping to gather such support such as from there MPs then feel free to get in touch with me via Property118.

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19:02 PM, 4th March 2019, About 3 years ago

Norfolk police claim trespasser is a tenant?

Reply to the comment left by Ian Narbeth at 04/03/2019 - 16:58Thanks Ian, it was lifting to speak with you.
If you are able to help to get the CPS guidance to match what I belive the law intends, then it will not just help landlords from what is otherwise an easy way for squatters to claim a few months of free living, at the loss and cost of the landlord, it will equally help the police carry out their duties without fear that they themselves could sue by the trespasser for illegla eviction due to poor wording of CPS guidance being used against them.
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