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Vedran Beader

12:15 PM, 3rd April 2020
About A year ago

CBILS - No personal guarantees under £250k and available to all viable SMEs

Reply to the comment left by Neil Patterson at 03/04/2020 - 10:47
Is there any clarity as to which circumstances these loans would apply to ltd company property activities? If a company purchase property, engages in development and ultimately rents it to tenants and refinances, does that constitute trading?... Read More

Vedran Beader

9:53 AM, 26th March 2020
About A year ago

Tenant leaves with 3 years left but 4 years commission paid to agent?

I've had a very similar situation and found a resolution.

I paid 3 years commission for a tenancy which the tenant abandoned after 1 year. Apparently she only ever wanted a one year tenancy but signed a 3 year tenancy regardless.

Anyway, long story short, the agent offered to remarket the property with the commission already paid to simply replace the tenant with another.

I wasn't happy with the way they conducted business as it seemed they lied and covered up alot so I complained to the property ombudsman who ended up awarding me all the commission I had overpaid, plus expenses. Could be a way forward for you as it's free to arbitrate and seems you have nothing to lose by trying it. A solicitor will obviously cost you money you're not certain to recoup.

I learned not to deal with agents pressuring for a long term tenancy and always insist on 1 year max. However, nowadays I run my own in-house tenancy set up as the portfolio has grown considerably since then and with a bit of research, anyone can do this themselves saving £'000s per year. Good luck 👍... Read More

Vedran Beader

14:20 PM, 31st May 2018
About 3 years ago

Planning permissions for extended HMO Licensing?

I have experience in this exact situation as I have gone through it myself.

Here is the catch 22:

- if you apply for a licence, the local authority is obligated to inform your mortgage lender who will check you have the correct mortgage for a hmo. Of not, they could pull your mortgage and you will need to pay them back. (Applies only if you have an outstanding mortgage)
- The licensing dept will then inform the planning dept that you have applied who will check to see if you need planning permission. (which on the outset, you do).
- The planning dept will then request to inspect your property citing potential breach of planning permission. They will ask informally at first. If you refuse, they will get a warrant.
- if they determine you are operating a hmo they will serve you an enforcement notice requiring you to cease and desist that current use or apply for permission. If you apply for permission,you need to prove it was a hmo before the article 4 direction came into effect and has been one to the date of the application. The council are fickle, they will try to discredit you on each point of evidence you submit if they can.
- by applying for the license first, you are opening a can of worms. By applying for the LDC (Lawful development certificate) you are on the system for the planning enforcement dept.

Either way, you will be subject to probably around a year of grief from the council on all fronts. But if your income is worth it, then it's worth it.


- Apply for LDC (opens up mortgage options)
- Apply for Mortgage (while the license is not required yet)
- Apply for licence when the time comes.

That's the only way to go about it. Licence comes last.

I've done this multiple times and through trial and error have achieved it.

Good luck!... Read More

Vedran Beader

10:58 AM, 12th December 2017
About 3 years ago

What is the difference between an HMO and a Self Contained Flat?

Thank you for your replies.

It seems it is a grey area but this is unusual as there are clear policies or at least guidelines for most other things related to property.

I think we will need to see what happens a little closer to the time if I am unable to find further information on this matter. I appreciate I should remain in the council's good graces so that they don't take a hard-line approach.

Thank you again for your replies.... Read More

Vedran Beader

10:14 AM, 26th November 2016
About 4 years ago

Tax Consultation Testimonials

Mark took the time to read through my circumstances and prepare a detailed response to my questions. I was able to focus my future property investments based on the back of his advice with a plausible exit strategy. As my portfolio grows, there will be a need to consistently seek further advice at each milestone and I believe Mark is the man to turn to in such situations. I admire his patience and practical approach to the profession, it was well worth the investment. I look forward to consulting Mark again going forward.

All the best,

Ved B... Read More